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Indoor Fat Burning Walking Workout (Low Impact)

Indoor Fat Burning Walking Workout (Low Impact)

Indoor Fat Burning Walking Workout (Low Impact)

This is one of my favorite low impact workouts to date, and it got me sooo sweaty!! we are walking at home, but this workout is going to get your heart rate up and you’ll be burning lots of calories and burn fat!!

Over the past 10 months I have lost over 50lbs of body fat just through moving at least 20-30 mins per day, 5 days a week!

If you do this workout everyday, and pay attention to what your eating, I can almost GUARANTEE that you will lose weight as well!

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For this workout you will be burning an average of 300 – 350 calories depending on your speed of walking and also body composition. This workout also low impact and beginner friendly. Perfect for anybody to get started from home!

**Total Calories burned will vary depending on your body composition, workout intensity and also fitness level.

How I lost my lower belly fat:

Abs in 10 MINS:
Indoor Fat Burning Walking Workout (Burn Lots of Calories!!) | growwithjo
Sequence: 40 sec work, 20 sec walk
Estimated Calories Burned: 300-350 cals

1) Walk on the spot
2) Exaggerated Arm Swing Walk on spot
3) In In out out step
4) High Knees
5) Kick Outs
6) Butt Kick
7) Jog on Spot
8) Shoulder Tap + Reach
9) Side punch bounce (right)
10) Side Punch Bounce (right)
11) Tap Tap Punch Punch
12) Floor Tap to Reach
13) Back Stroke
14) Side Reaches
15) Tap Tap Punch Punch
16) Floor Tap to Reach
17) Back Stroke
18) Side Reaches
19) Side Crunches

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  1. My best friend asked me to create this video and it was sooo much fun- and I couldn't believe that I would be sweating like that!!

    Moving even just a little everyday will make a HUGE difference for your health and physical shape in the long run! I lost 50lbs in 10 months through just giving it a little effort when I could. Start today sis! You've got this!! 

    Should I do more of these sweaty low impact workouts?

  2. I know this is an old video, but to myself and anyone who needs to hear it, if you can’t make it all the way through the video, THAT’S OKAY! If you did any of the video AT ALL, it is still more activity than you would’ve gotten if you hadn’t done any at all. If you do two of the exercises and walk the rest of the video, PEFECT! You are still being active. However much or little you can do, it is still more than if you hadn’t done any at all. So to myself and anyone who needs it, I’m proud of you💛

  3. 💕Thank you for working out with me!! I worked up a sweat 💪🏻 going to do one more for today because I ✨KNOW✨ I have it in me😊

  4. first day of doing this because im losing motivation to do my actual workouts, im sweating so much but i did the entire thing, i hope i can lose this stomach fat before next summer! ill update tomorrow!

  5. Wow love your videos done 3 so far in the past month… today was most needed been feeling bummed out. But this workout changed my morning feeling great!!! Thx ❤

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