Best Way To Lose Weight

Lose Weight With The Help Of Your Zodiac Sign!

Lose Weight With The Help Of Your Zodiac Sign!

Lose Weight With The Help Of Your Zodiac Sign!

Hi Viewer,
Todays Video is super fun cause we will give you weight loss tips based on your zodiac sign!

Yes you heard it right!
Zodiac sign!!

So enjoy your weight loss journey and get that much needed weight loss motivation according to your zodiac!




They say, “What’s in a name?”
We say, “It’s all in a name!”
The Holistic Collective…the name says it all!
A channel dedicated to intentional living where we strive for self-improvement and personal growth.
Inorder to achieve this, we need to rise above merely eating healthy and weight loss goals. We need to have a broader approach to wellness and how to live a holistic lifestyle, which is the key to a healthier, fitter you!
Our channel aims at bringing to you simple and doable self-care tips, health tips and much more. We take pride in positioning our channel is a virtual health hub.
With a fast paced life, urban health has taken a back seat but we wish to change that. Hence, we choose to go that extra mile and help you deal with not just the body but also the mind.
Apart from nutrition, physical activity, weight loss, weight gain, balanced diet, alternative medicine etc., our videos will also address topics related to stress management, obesity management, disease management, body positivity, relaxation techniques and most of all, mental health. Along with psychology facts we also bring you other amazing facts related to leading a more mindful life.
While it is imperative to lead a balanced life, one cannot neglect the importance of social wellness and having a holistic approach to life.
For those who are spiritually inclined, spiritual wellness also can be a key contributing factor. Our determinants of health can be varied and hence there should be constant effort put into living up to your potential.
At The Holistic Collective we believe, it is imperative to have sustainable development goals as a society. To help all of us accomplish these goals, the effort has to be put in together. We are ready to do bit, are you?

The video is made for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your practitioner for better understanding. The products displayed are part of an affiliate programme we are a part off, though generally searched and handpicked for you we do not take personal responsibility towards them.

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