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Lose weight with the Kidney Stone Diet / Kidney Stone Diet Podcast with Nurse Jill Harris

Lose weight with the Kidney Stone Diet / Kidney Stone Diet Podcast with Nurse Jill Harris

Lose weight with the Kidney Stone Diet / Kidney Stone Diet Podcast with Nurse Jill Harris

This week, Jill explains why the Kidney Stone Diet usually results in weight loss.

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= Who is Jill Harris? =

Jill is a nurse and health coach that specializes in educating patients on kidney stone prevention. For more than 20 years she’s helped patients understand that kidney stones can be prevented with the right treatment plan. It’s one thing to be told to lower oxalate or drink more water, but HOW do you do it? That’s where she comes in. Through the educational resources at, stone formers can learn everything they need to know to significantly lower new stone risk.

= Who is Jeff Sarris? =

Jeff’s co-founder of SPYR (, a branding agency based out of Chicago, where he and his business partner Dave help awesome people like Jill create online platforms that make an impact.

He’s also a certified health coach, host of the Starting Now podcast (, and developing NFTs and community with an artist named Badfroot (

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  1. I have been doing this lifestyle for a couple weeks now. Low salt, low sugar, low cal, more exercise and I have gained weight. I have made your recipes with exact ingredients , exact servings. I started this after looking at it for 2 yrs so I can just stop the stones. But I just can't gain more weight. My weight makes me miserable! And I just can't stand another hope not working. And you say do it correctly. I AM! Nothing works for me.

  2. You have that right, kidney stones hurt enough that you will do anything not to go through that experience again. Unfortunately, you may not get the advice about the diet until you have had a couple of kidney stones. It took years before my urologist to refer me to a nephrologist where I found out the formation of stones is connected to what you eat, and yes, I lost weight.

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  4. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. It wasn't until my last kidney stone put me in the hospital with sepsis, that I got serious about changing my diet and learning to eat in proper portion sizes. With Jill and the accountability group's help, I have lost 94 pounds over the last 18 months. I was finally was ready to do the hard work. I love my new life and I still love to eat… But now I know how to do that without endangering my health!

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