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Low-fat diet slightly better than low-carb for losing body fat

Low-fat diet slightly better than low-carb for losing body fat

Low-fat diet slightly better than low-carb for losing body fat

A new study pits the two diets head-to-head, as more than a third of American adults are battling obesity. Dr. Holly Phillips joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the findings.

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  5. I can say that it's totally wrong. It must be a sponsored/biased research. For example, I lost belly fat only with low carb and HIGH fat, but the opposite way prior to that caused numerous problems (even fatty liver!) and pre-diabetes. Then someone in my family had a high blood pressure, and nothing helped but keto, very high fat with very low carbs. Numerous independent studies confirm the facts that healthy fats don't cause any harm or weight gain. Humans need ZERO carbs, that's another fact. Trans-fats and regular cooking oils are poison, they'll make you fat and sick.

  6. I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. Agoge Diet proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  7. I understand keto but if you’re a hungry boi like myself low fat is better because you can eat more, I eat carbs from only veggies no breads and starches so I get to eat a lot and still be in a caloric deficit.

  8. One thing though.. keto is different from low carb.. the question “is keto or low fat diet better for fat burning” still applys. Best answer is utilizing both, go periods on one then the other. Why? Because they both work, allows for a wider range of food options, and keeps it interesting. Keeps me in great shape

  9. 100% agree for the last 6 years I’v been sold a lie about keto and high fat. But SOME fat is good, not in high amounts. Would you put diesel in your car if it runs better on petrol? It’s a thumb size for fat, a deck of cards for protein, a handful of carbs and fibre sparingly and gradually increase to taste.

  10. Not true. All the biggest loser contestants following the low carb diet are back to their original weight.

    Low carb high fat diets are prescribed and really effective for children with epilepsy. Clear medical benefits for a high fat diet. None whatsoever for high carb.

  11. Fat does not make you fat. Low fat foods are worse than regular. When they take out fat in foods it tastes bad so they add sugar to compensate. Take out sugar instead of fat or carbs. This study seems extremely inaccurate.

  12. Low carb good for losing fat. Low fat for losing everything.
    Weight doesn't matter. Body fat percentage and muscle mass matter.
    You don't eat enough fat, you may experience muscle loss too.
    Monounsaturated fat is essential.

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