Best Way To Lose Weight

Maximize Your Gains | Fitness and Strength B41

Maximize Your Gains | Fitness and Strength B41

Maximize Your Gains | Fitness and Strength B41

Did your greed get the best of you with those negative traits? Underweight? Noodle Arms? Here’s a guide on how to best raise those stats without risking yourself.

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  1. Do you happen to know if the stat starting XP bonus for Strength and Fitness work? Changing the traits in debug mode did not change the bonus XP, so I did fresh characters to be sure. I tried testing the Strength experience gain with a baseball bat, starting with 0 str, 5 str and 9 str. Every baseball bat hit on a zombie got me the same amount of XP. Push-ups also gave the same experience no matter how much I started with. Fast-learner also doesn't seem to be affecting passive skills at all. Any ideas?

  2. Honestly in terms of fitness simply running or sprinting has been the best method irl for me. A 30min jog every (if I had muscle pain I would stop) night for 3 months raised my cardio significantly, to the point where I didn't even get out of breath. I'm surprised it isn't really represented well ingame.

  3. When a char gets to fitness 10 and strength 10 do we get the boni from the traits strong(40%more melee DMG) and athletic (60% less stamina consumption)? Those are rly strong buff.

  4. The best way to maximize gains is to either min-max one stat at character creation to train the other later or take firefighter/lumberjack/fitness instructor and combine with fit+underweight (net 1 fitness gain) and/or stout/strong and never train. The benefits from fit/stout(6) and strong/athletic(9) are pretty big but time spent grinding will kill your fun from playing.

  5. Forget all that noise, how do i get my sexy ladies to grow thick, luxurious mustaches like the gal in the video!?

  6. In a previous bluid, I had my daily running track for a character, and it worked well to increase both run trait and fitness. I'm sad to learn that it doesn't work this way anymore. But I'm sure this things will be rebalanced in the future, after the more important updates have been done.

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