Best Way To Lose Weight

Menopause Weight Loss

Menopause Weight Loss

Menopause Weight Loss

This video is all about how to lose weight during menopause / prevent menopause weight gain. How to beat menopause belly fat. Manage hormones (cortisol estrogen) during mid life.

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  1. You are so wrong!!! A low carb diet and intermittent fasting is the only thing that worked for me! At age 50, I lost 20 lbs in 5 months and reached my goal weight. The only exercise I did was walked 30min a day and strength training for 20min 2-3 times a week. The best part is that I did not have to eat less and feel hungry! Go Keto!

  2. During Covid I almost 100% quit drinking (I now have a drink once every few months) and almost 100% stopped going to restaurants/eating takeout. At a time of life (50) when everyone around me is gaining, I have shrunk to my "ideal" weight. The best part about it is that I can pretty much eat what I want (within reason, don't lock me in a bakery) and not gain weight. I will never go back to drinking alcohol and eating out regularly — the benefits of not doing it are too amazing.

  3. Thank you for this. I just turned 53, not at menopause yet, but my metabolism is definitely slowing down. Over the past year I have increased my exercise tremendously but kept eating the same (no processed foods, no sugar, clean whole foods, but portion sizes too large!) and my weight just hasn't gone down for this whole year! I have recently discovered Intermittent Fasting and let me tell you, it does work!! Just don't eat any meal until 12 noon, after not eating past 7-8pm and it really does work! I'm also working on lowering my stress level, which I guess lowers cortisol levels. Thanks again! New subscriber here!

  4. Hi there. I am 55 and IN NO SHAPE AT ALL. I am 114kg and 5ft 5inches tall. I have 4 jobs (recently divorced) and I take no exercise other than through my job – I work in a school and am always walking etc. I ache – knees, joints etc and don not know where to start. I do not want to joint a diet club – I want to do it at home and to forget that word diet forever. I want to eat more healthy but how or where do I start.

  5. She lays it out telling it like it is although not what we want to hear, ugh. Thx for the motivation 💪🏽💛

  6. Bullshit. Eating less and training more raises your cortisol. Which leads to belly fat. You lost me as soon as you said this.

  7. Sometimes the hard workouts are not an option and that’s what I’m struggling with. I used to work out and had no problems with my weight. Now I’ve had a head and neck injury as well as peri and I’m gaining. I have to find a way to be active without hurting myself and sitting around just makes me want to eat more to self sooth

  8. Also, devoting more exercise to your already extreme fitness lifestyle is harder because, suddenly, the rest of your body starts to betray you. Your hair gets bad , thin and gray the same year you realize you have itchy, dry, creepy and ashy skin. Your teeth can get loose and start to fall out just because. If you had a bad back, welcome to the world of all of your other joints being painful. Your nose is always stuffy or snotty or itchy because ALL of your mucous membranes turn into a desert. UTI infections and vajay pain happen now even if you don’t doing anything wild like have sex, ride bicycles ever again, swim in a pool or anything you formerly took for granted. Your eyes get dry so you look like you are drunk or high all of the time. Oh, digestion, that won’t be the same either.

  9. You may no want hear this, but no matter how much you’ve been warned or warn others about menopause, unless you are somehow incredibly lucky, you truly have no idea what is coming for you. “A little bit harder”… bwah, ha ha. There really is no good news. It’s very and truly so much worse than you might have imagined (and “I don’t wanna go into the biochemistry here” either because it’s all, very commonly, not even close to help you”. I hated it when women told me this in the I finitely happy days, I hated it and thought it was they were cursing me like an old witch.

  10. Great advice. I’m 48 and I had to have a total hysterectomy a couple of months ago. My metabolism is all out of whack, once I’m fully healed I will be working out and fasting. I now have a much better understanding of what is going on with my body and sudden increase of weight gain. I walk 4 miles a day at least and have an active job. I will be changing my diet and doing intermittent fasting as well as working out. I can’t wait to start getting in shape again. 🏃‍♀️

  11. Ugh it's so frustrating when " science" says one thing one year then changes their mind the next. It's soooooo frustrating

  12. Intermittent fasting did wonders for me. If you have enough healthy fat at meal time it carry you over without getting hungry. I can easily do 16 hrs. If you limit sugar and carbs it cuts down on cravings.

  13. Perimenopause caused my anxiety and depression to skyrocket. I lost 21lbs. The Dr prescribed birth control to help level out the hormones and mood. Weight gain has not been my menopausal issue. Moods will be the end of me. My heart goes out to all women dealing with it. It’s no wonder 100 years ago women died before this occurred. It’s been horrible and I’m no where near done only being 50.

  14. I can understand what Jillian is trying to convey. However, I have a genetic predisposition that prohibits me from doing intense cardio (it would be very dangerous for my body). I am postmenopausal (57) and gaining huge amounts of weight in my stomach even though I'm eating less. I can't exercise more often or as intensely as I once was able due to the physical limitations set by my own cardiologist. I would love to know how you, @Jillian, would tackle that problem. All my cardiologist says is to do low to moderate exercise, which goes against everything that I did when I was younger to stay in shape. I'm really in a conundrum with all of this!! I'm gaining weight, I feel like crap now that I'm post menopausal, can't exercise more or intensely – what is a person like me supposed to do?? Stay FAT??? I WOULD REALLY LOVE SOME MAJOR GUIDANCE ON THIS ONE!

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