Best Way To Lose Weight

Nutrition Tips: How to Lose Weight Through Cycling (Ask a Cycling Coach 239)

Nutrition Tips: How to Lose Weight Through Cycling (Ask a Cycling Coach 239)

Nutrition Tips: How to Lose Weight Through Cycling (Ask a Cycling Coach 239)

Safely lose weight while simultaneously fueling your workouts, easy nutrition tips to get healthy, how to adapt to your new lifestyle and more is discussed by the crew in this quick clip from Episode 239 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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  1. so i am 6'2" 250lbs already lost close to 30lbs to be calorie deficient I need to stay around 2500cals my question is when i do intensive workouts like 2-3 times a week and burn 2000-2300cal going flat out how much should i eat then should i account for calories burned if yes how much, when losing weight is better to get your heart beat up high (170-180bpm) or is it better to keep it under 140

  2. Everyone knows how to lose weight. Don't eat junk. If youre having trouble losing weight while training then stop eating pizza, cookies, 10 beers, 1000 calories at the gas station.

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with Chad’s comment about dietary changes & fitness feeding off one another and seeing momentum build. Great podcast guys. I’m a competitive masters runner who’s in the process of shedding a few unnecessary pounds for some summer races

  4. A lot of this is BS that doesn't apply to people over 30yo.
    i.e. For several years I rode 10,000+ km a week, and lost no weight.
    I rode 1000km in a week. A week later, nil weight loss.
    Weight loss is more often about stress mgt. You have to find the lifestyle that reduces dis-stress, and allows you to relax ….. and with that your appetite calms better. Then you rely on reduced eating to create the Calorie deficit.
    And of course, it's about a balanced healthy diet. Lots of vege/salad.

  5. Someone mentioned taking pictures of the food you eat. I've heard the Zero fasting app uses taking pictures to time stamp when you are eating.

  6. This video has great advice, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I've heard many people refer to incredible things about Custokebon Secrets.

  7. Love you guys. But this video is very general. Eating healthy foods is such a general terms which means so many things to people. Nutrition is a difficult subject to talk given recent science findings and different theories.
    Eating when you want or eating fruits/veggies is not supported by an science except epidemiology studies claiming benefits. Of course eating processed food is bad and so is sugar/carbs.
    Doctors and nutritionists are not the best sources of information in the US because they to follow the guidelines and they are very controversial.
    Many people have had success with low carb, high fat and high protein 1.3gr/kg and <10% carbs including myself, loosing 65lbs at 64 yrs old. Gained 20% on my FTP, better recovery, better sleep, no more erectile dysfunction, higher testerone, very simple to eat. If i dont want to bunk or crave for sugar during a 3-4 hrs bike ride, i go fasted or just coffee. I avoid the GI issues and you can loose more weight is you are fasted in the morning.
    There are many theories but avoid using the term eating healthy because it has no meaning without science. Check Dan Plews on youtube for low cabs fueling for athlete. This is the new trend.
    Last point, half of the Tour de France cyclists were taking ketones (fats) instead of gels.

  8. Loved this video guys! Weight and body composition is a massive issue for me, now I'm older and doing more endurance style events i cannot get away with banging out an extra 100 watts up the climbs over my riding buddies. I managed to put weight on in 2019 despite a 12000km Year. Guys close to me think I'm super efficient on the bike and should do other sports to disrupt my system into burning calories.

  9. don't eat as many carbs and junk food as Nate does. Sorry guys. But in my view you promote such a high carb diet which is neither healthy nor necessary for non elite riders.

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