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Ozempic, Wegovy shortages amid skyrocketing popularity for weight loss

Ozempic, Wegovy shortages amid skyrocketing popularity for weight loss

Ozempic, Wegovy shortages amid skyrocketing popularity for weight loss

Ozempic, a Diabetes treatment, and Wegovy are becoming harder to find after social media helped fuel their popularity for being known to lead to weight loss. NBC News’ Anne Thompson shares more about what happens when you stop taking them and who the medications are meant for.

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  1. Exercise is good for you, but most experts believe diet is more key to weight loss than exercise. Exercise is still important for keeping strong bones and avoiding injuries (strong muscles make your bones much denser), but exercise will not burn the fat away. As for "just eat less", it's true that some people who eat poorly can change their bad habits and lose weight, but millions of Americans eat very healthy food and exercise and still stay overweight, because of metabolic syndrome and/or insulin resistance, which overlap with prediabetes. Portion control and willpower have never been shown to be effective longterm techniques for weightloss in studies. The Ozempic type medicines have very few side effects and an incredible effect size compared to placebo in the FDA trials (average fat loss is 15-20% of body weight). As a bonus, the chance of heart attack and stroke also goes down by double-digit percents when the weight is lost. To people who say "the weight comes back when you stop taking it", that's because you're not supposed to stop taking it. Metabolic syndrome is a long-term disease that needs long-term treatment. The real controversy at the moment is the shortages– diabetics should get priority in accessing the medications. But once shortages are over, these drugs could really help the millions of overweight Americans reach a healthy weight, and extend their lifespans significantly. My prediction is in 10 years these medications will be looked at as ushering an end to the obesity epidemic. And finally if you're curious: I lost 30 lbs on Ozempic and never felt better. I will take it for the rest of my life.

  2. I've been covering a lot of these trials on my channel. Such a fascinating medication. But it's definitely not a miracle cure! I compare them to training wheels- you need skills and/or support so you don't regain the weight

  3. When are reporters going to start interviewing people that have type 2 diabetes instead of people who using ozempic for weight loss. I'm a type 2 diabetic and only found out that there was a nationwide shortage from the third pharmacy I called.

  4. Ozempic not for weight loss but wegovy is. It’s the same active ingredient. I take ozempic it worked the same way

  5. How are these people paying for these drugs? They aren’t cheap! I’m diabetic and still have to jump through hoops to get a similar drug paid for. I can’t imagine why any insurance would pay for these as weight loss aids.

  6. Ozempic is not for weight loss it is for Diabetes maybe if people would use it for what is for you we would not be on a shortage

  7. These drugs have been shown to cause cancer. If you want to use them it's your choice but then we should have subsidized to pay for cancer treatment for those who chose to use this to lose weight. Nor should insurance have to pay for it as it causes all of our prices to go up and it is not right you chose to use a cancer causing drug to lose weight.

  8. Here are some lifestyle changes: move, walk, cut carbs and sugars, start exercising 5 minutes a day, then 10 minutes etc until you work your way up. Less alcohol, therapy, create a plan, journal progress and goals. Eat whole foods. Workout in a fasting state. Swim, create a group of friends that have similar goals. Reset your gut, watch calories, take probiotics, vitamins, lots of water, avoid foods that cause inflation Don't say "I can't eat this or that" instead say "I choose not to" do a lot of research, positive mindset. That's just a few make a list, place it everywhere in your house, have it as your screen saver. Visualize

  9. Say what you want if I can lose 60 pds on it, sign me up, eat healthy once you get off if you gain the weight back that's on you period, let's be real

  10. "skyrocketing popularity for weight loss" People are finally actually looking at all these "body positivity" activists and realizing that many, maybe most, are simply morbidly obese and unhealthy.

  11. Let us remember that a BMI in excess of 25 is defined as obese. If Semaglutide can help 90% of Americans reach a BMI of less then 25, then it is a godsend. Obesity is a chronic disease that arises from genetics and trauma.

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