Best Way To Lose Weight

Phentermine | Guide to Obesity Medication #3

Phentermine | Guide to Obesity Medication #3

Phentermine | Guide to Obesity Medication #3

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  1. When you look for weight loss through medcation, phentermine is one thing you can't oversee. But it may not be the only choice on the market.

  2. Will this work for someone that already doesn't eat much or have much of an appetite? I've been exercising-cardio/weights 4-5× a week, sometimes twice a day, but I rarely ever feel hungry and I don't eat much food in general, eat healthy foods, avoid sugar and carbs and I still can't get the scale to move one pound. Ive been trying for months now. Blood work/thyroid is all normal. Is this purely an appetite suppressant? I've also tried caffeine pills and thermogenics and they've also done nothing.

  3. Hello how can I get some of these please had them before for a long time lost loads of weight but put it all back on now years later And don’t seem to be able to get them from the UK

  4. What do you think about combining phentermine after VSG surgery? I’m not losing as fast as I’d hope after VSG and I had success before with phentermine but I gained it all back which is why I got VSG. I’m hoping combing both will help. Any thoughts?

    I have taken phentermine for almost a year.. This is my 2nd round starting.
    I started taking phentermine as i hit my first plateau in weight loss. I had gone from 220lbs to 180 and wasn't able to lose past that and so.. I started taking phentermine. I was prescribed 37.5 (the same prescription i have started taking for round 2). I took the medication for about 7 or 8 months, got down to 135 (still overweight for my height) and stopped because life had taken me through a loop and i didn't have the time to get my prescriptions refilled. Ive managed to keep from regaining too much, but my most recent weigh in was 146.
    Its been about 3 or 4 months since I've taken it and i restarted the medication today.
    My question: what risks come into play when i take this medication for this long? I haven't seen any reports on it and was hoping to get some advice.

  6. In regards to 5% weight loss, what is the time frame to lose said weight? How many weeks do you give a patient to lose 5-10% body weight?

  7. I started today :-/ I’m 187 and wanting to get down to about 140 . I’m nervous about the only having it for 3 months :-/

  8. If you are planning in getting pregnant how long before conceiving you should stop taking it? Thanks

  9. This will work if you have been doing things to lose weight. I hit a plateau after losing 22 pounds. I was doing everything right, couldn’t lose anymore. I am taking the 15mg and it a month I have lost 8 pounds. I always drink water, like almost a gallon and now I am keeping that habit. I am counting my calories, I have a different kind of hunger and fullness feeling. I checked my blood pressure and heart rate just in case. If your doctor starts you in a low dosage is the best I think. But you still need to do things right. I put on weight because of a lot of stress due to a bad relationship and I was just arrived to the US so I wasn’t realizing how messed up is the food here even when you think you are eating healthier.

  10. Is anyone experiencing hair loss ? I’m scared that I have now started to actually loose weight (23 lbs since late August ) but also having major hair loss. Could it be a side affect ?

  11. How can I get this prescribed without self prescribing it and going to Mexico. I got some from Mexico before and had amazing results but I have not been able to get any more.

  12. Oscar Valdez, a boxer just recently got caught for cheating with this medication; and his fans are saying it's just a simple fat burner, and not cheating.

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