Best Way To Lose Weight

Science of Obesity – The Best Approaches for Losing Weight (Pt VI)

Science of Obesity – The Best Approaches for Losing Weight (Pt VI)

Science of Obesity – The Best Approaches for Losing Weight (Pt VI)

This video provides scientific evidence about why exercise should NOT be used alone for weight loss. The video discusses pragmatic, safe and evidence-based approaches for weight loss. I also give my opinion on the many weight loss diets out there.

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  3. This is all good advice. Additionally: think on the larger scale of health, not merely weight loss. Exercise, in particular, is extremely good for cardiovascular health, in addition to weight-loss maintenance, and of course it is a distraction when you're bored or depressed and tempted to relieve your feelings by eating–exercise is a much better mood-booster. And what Americans need to learn is that their traditional British-derived diet, especially when available all day long and when they don't do hard physical work like their ancestors, is TOXIC. The "Mediterranean diet" is good because full of fresh produce, which northern Europeans couldn't get–they survived long winters on milk products, cured meat, wheat, potatoes, and turnips–keep you from starving but promote awful health effects in a time of plenty. The world has changed. So must traditional eating habits.

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  10. Does the following study only apply to younger humans: "Study: New fat cells are created quickly, but dieting can’t eliminate them"

  11. Great series. 👍Very good job.Would like more information regarding why peripheral fat does not necessarily increase cardiovascular disease.

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