Best Way To Lose Weight

Scientific Weight Loss Tips

Scientific Weight Loss Tips

Scientific Weight Loss Tips


Tired of searching for the perfect diet or pill to shed some pounds? Find out the top weight loss tips, with solid science to back them up.

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).


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  1. TDLR only good advice : get better sleep
    all advice that is not going to help you… see blow
    bowl of ceral for breakfast in the AM: BAD FOR BLOOD SUGAR!
    dairy: not good for us I can't believe that it is being recommend for weight loss…
    drinking water with meals: makes it harder for your stomach acid to break down the food in your body. NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER WIT MEALS
    calorie counting: ups and downs, more downs IMO. better to learn how much your body can actually get out of different types of food.
    wow first good advice was the last one saying get better sleep.

  2. Weight your calories
    Hahaha lol, this very practice ruined my life and gave me Anorexia. I'm still trying to recover and it's been 3 years but I will go on, no matter how long.
    P. S not everyone who counts calories ends up with an ED. It's all about how you think and what your body is like. I'm not trying to blame the video or anything 🙃
    Peace ✌

  3. Why isn’t anybody commenting on the fact that he blended the meat, nuts, cheese, yoghurt and milk into “soup” 😭 He should be arrested 😭😭

  4. Should i skip meals
    Cus i seen lots of comments on other vids a long time ago that its okay skipoimg meals n shit like i dont know what to do? Should i skip meals or not.
    Bc im literally not eating breakfast and lunch almost everyday

  5. This comment section clearly show how uneducated some people are, saying the classic myths over and over again.
    Let me make it simple: Caloric Deficit=weight loss. That’s it.
    No need for keto diet, avoiding carbs, cardio (altho it’s overrated for weight loss it’s obviously helpful for being healthy), only eating “boring” food( altho will make you feel fuller, you could eat ice cream every single day and still lose weight if stays on a deficit, however you will be hungrier. That’s why the typical diets are rich in vegetables and fruits since they are low calories and will keep you full and satisfied while fast food is the exact opposite, thats why you are overweight in the first place since you were on a caloric surplus)
    Bonus: There will be a point once you eat the same amount of calories in your deficit that you will no longer lose weight, your body adapts at the caloric intake you consume. Thats why once you see you are stuck at a certain weight while on a deficit, you must decrease your calories or increase cardio in order to continue your weight loss. Also please don’t do an extreme caloric deficit since it will affect your metabolism and you will actually drop your BPM, it’s very dangerous.
    Yeah that’s it.

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