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See How This Doctor Lost 125 Pounds In Only 18 Months | Megyn Kelly TODAY

See How This Doctor Lost 125 Pounds In Only 18 Months | Megyn Kelly TODAY

See How This Doctor Lost 125 Pounds In Only 18 Months | Megyn Kelly TODAY

At one point, Dr. Kevin Gendreau weighed 300 pounds, turning to food to cope with stress. But when his sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Gendreau realized that when it came to health, “he had a choice in the matter and she did not.” Gendreau decided to start cutting out processed carbohydrates and counting his calories, but soon plateaued. That’s when he decided to try out intermittent fasting – and it made all the difference. Gendreau is joined by Jacob Anselmo, who also lost over 100 pounds through intermittent fasting.
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See How This Doctor Lost 125 Pounds In Only 18 Months | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Am crying right now because I feel helpless. Have been big all my life, am just 25 and I look 40 this really hurts. Lord please I want to lose this weight please!!😭😭😭😭

  2. I had no idea they’d make this a YouTube thing, I lost more, from 342 to a 188 pound body. This was with the lap-band & gym time. My big belly hid 3 tumors on my liver & a baseball sized tumor in my colon! It creeped up again as I followed my doctors plan to eat, since my blood tests came back horribly. I decided to go to “Intermittent fasting” went from 255 to 230, still wasn’t satisfied. I went to a “WHOLE FOOD PLANT LIFESTYLE”. Now it’s at 178 & dropping gradually. I look at my legs & see the skinny me. So a few days I wake & have to force myself to eat, my cholesterol is now 150, down from 285-290. I look forward to the next challenge & it’s small, to lose 16 pounds by later in June to the latter July time from. I do 300 crunches a day, stomach smaller, skin is starting to “droop”(hang on my belly). I took a 9000 crunch challenge & next week It’ll be complete, but no stopping after next Friday

  3. I've fought this exact same struggle for 30 years. I'm plateaued right now. Hearing this story gives me hope. I see he began intermittent fasting to lose the last 50 pounds. I too lost my 47 year old sister a year ago to disease. I'm eating right and exercising but I'm stuck.

  4. Whenever I hear intermittent fasting, I picture someone not eating for like 3 days or something. Glad to hear it's not like that.

  5. I would never want to remove such an important macronutrient almost entirely from my diet… carbs are brain food and the preferred fuel for all cells. He literally said "no fun"… ridiculous.

  6. Consider Overeaters Anonymous ( for support with any diet you try. OA is not a diet club itself so they can help you with support.

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