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Slimfast dieting day 56. Vlog106 slimfast shake.

Slimfast dieting day 56. Vlog106 slimfast shake.

Slimfast dieting day 56. Vlog106 slimfast shake.

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  1. For me the chocolate flavour was a tad grainy even with using the blender, so not my favourite. The banana was very good but the vanilla one was the best by far. Strawberry one was a bit weak on flavour, so I would def recommend the Vanilla. I've been taking slimfast for 3weeks and I've lost my lockdown gut at last, with no excercise whatever, also cut out my favourite guiness. Im impressed.!!

  2. Your not going to get skinnier just adding slim fast and milk 😂😂 , slim-fast is not actually to loose weight itself , is for when you do a smoothie you add the slim fast instead of sugar and exercise daily that’s how slim fast works

  3. Starting from tomorrow I'll have oatmeal and natural yoghurt for breakfast, a slim fast smoothie for lunch and airfryed vegetables with either chicken or fish… I'm starting tomorrow and want to see if I can do this straight for six months but I will have a fruit and spinach smoothie with a handful of oatmeal added if I'm extra hungry…🤞🏾.

  4. If this is supposed to be 230 calories made up then how come according to the nutritional information on the tub and on your milk does the two come to 120 calories? 250ml of skimmed milk is 90 calories and 36.5g of the Slimfast powder equals about 30 calories(100g equals 85 calories according to the info on the tub). Where are Slimfast getting the other 110 calories from? Or is the 230 figure if you use semi skimmed? Am pretty much sure I have read the information correctly on the tub. I use unsweetened soya milk for mine so mine is 115 calories per serving.

  5. Thank you for the informational video. I work in the factory that makes it. I was sent home with a canister because it didn't meet quality standards. Anyways, the can is in a different language so I had to YouTube it. Your video was basic but informative. Thank you.

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