Best Way To Lose Weight

Standing Desks- Stand Up For Fat Loss!

Standing Desks- Stand Up For Fat Loss!

Standing Desks- Stand Up For Fat Loss!

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Standing Desks- Stand Up For Fat Loss!- Thomas DeLauer… Hey, it’s no surprise that standing a little bit more is better for you than sitting down. Alright? Now I’m never one to conform to just very basic broad health topics. I go deep. I go out there. I try to bake it down so that you actually know what’s truly happening in your body so today, I want to give you the knowledge that you can use to really understand why you’re going to burn more fat and why you’re going to ultimately look and feel better if you just stand up every now and then.

All right, so again, no blanket health topic here. We’re talking about some weird kind of science that’s going to make you say wow when it comes down to standing up every now and then. All right, so the first thing we want to look at is yes, we do know that most people say you should be standing 80% of the time and sitting 20% of the time. I don’t know who came up with that number but it seems like it’s totally out of right field and it’s totally random. So I don’t necessarily think that’s the way, but what you do need to understand is the cellular systems and processes and what is metabolically within your body.

So the biggest issue that we’re facing, whenever it comes down to sitting for too long, is we are deactivating a very specific enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase, LPL. So what ends up happening, is when we’re sitting down, we’re not triggering this enzyme to release fat from our adipose tissue. The way that fat burning works in sort of a nutshell is lipoprotein lipase triggers the release of fats from our storage form into our bloodstream. Once they’re in our bloodstream, then they get acted upon by another enzyme known as hormone-sensitive lipase. Then and only then does what is called lipolysis, fat burning, actually occur. So if we are lacking lipoprotein lipase, the enzyme that actually allows the fat to get back into the bloodstream, we’re never mobilizing fat to actually burn.

So sure, calories in, calories out. If you’re sitting down, you’re not burning many calories. Yeah, we know that, but you’re actually forgetting the biggest part. You’re not activating the enzyme that turns on fat burning.

So, here’s where things get really, really cool. Did you know that within 90 seconds of standing up, you are activating metabolic pathways. Every single cell that is in your skeletal system, your muscular system, and of course all other kind of cellular function is activated. When you’re sitting down, it’s not activated. You’re just kind of operating at the bare minimum, but within 90 seconds of standing, your muscle cells activate, and these are the things that burn up triglycerides and mobilize them, but also what regulates and activates the utilization of glucose and regulates your blood sugar.

So without this process occurring, you’re in this sort of dormant state, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it happens in just 90 seconds. You stand up, within 90 seconds, you’re activating those enzymes and you’re activating those cells.

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  1. I have been off work for 2 weeks, where my job is walking and not much sitting. So my fat loss journey has stagnated and I have not lost weight this week. So I think going back to work next week will help get me back on schedule to lose weight.

  2. Personally I just generally enjoy standing and moving around walking for hours most of the time in the day than sitting. I only start sitting down if I need to eat, shit or just take a 30 min or an hour sitting. Even playing video games standing up is amazing to me

  3. I just bought a Vari stand up desk a week ago and let me tell you I love it so much. I stand up about 20 minutes each hour and I feel great. I gained about 20 pounds over the last 10 years working from home and at 45 it's getting harder to lose those pounds so I am hoping buying this desk will help me get there on top of my regular excersice and eating healthy.

  4. Since working from home, I started getting a pot belly even though I did not gain weight. Now I know sitting was the culprit. Even though it will cost be $400 I am buying a standing desk and a mat right now.

  5. I often wonder if getting a fat ass from sitting is the body's way of making its own cushion to support the back.

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