Best Way To Lose Weight

The 3-Step Science-Based “Skinny Fat Solution”

The 3-Step Science-Based “Skinny Fat Solution”

The 3-Step Science-Based “Skinny Fat Solution”

The “skinny fat solution” starts by understanding how we end up skinny fat in the first place, and only then can we understand how to fix skinny fat. Although the skinny fat problem can be due to several factors, it’s likely due to these 3; severe caloric restriction, not enough emphasis on resistance training, and/or excessive cardio. These 3 factors explain why you might be skinny fat, and will help determine whether you should bulk or cut in order to fix “skinny fat”. There is no “skinny fat workout” or “skinny fat meal plan”, the key is just to build muscle by progressively getting stronger with compound lifts and to eat at a caloric intake based on the flow chart I provide.

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Caloric restriction:

Excessive cardio:

Body recomposition:

Protein intake:


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  1. Thanks for watching guys! Hopefully this helps some of you out who have been struggling with what to do in this situation. I wish you all a happy new year, and thank you all again for making 2017 a memorable one for me! I'm working on getting the shoulders video you've all been waiting for done and should be released in a couple weeks. Let me know of some other topics you'd like to see on my channel. Cheers!


  2. What do you call it if your between skinny fat and normal, I lack definition in my chest under, but I have alot off definition and muscle in my arms and forearms and also have big lats

  3. Dude, why are all these videos fucking bodybuilding. Fat people aren't given these types of videos; they're simply told to eat less and exercise. Too many stupid like these that aren't catering to the right people.

  4. I havent worked out in years and am basically starting from zero. 25 pound weights feel heavy for dumbbell curls. How can I make a workout program around this?

  5. i do just diverse pushups "200" before sleep mostly everyday, but i noticed my belly fat and the love handles keeps growing, i thought probably my breakfast always has outmeals, milk, peanut butter, yoghurt shake, is it possible because i eat too mush calories with less intense training ?

  6. Im skinny fat Im 66kg and 180cm and 15yr old i don’t look fat at all as you maybe expect but I don’t have any muscles.

  7. I’m skinny fat and I’ve been doing things wrong. I first did calorie surplus and didn’t like the bulkness I have gained. So I switched to calorie deficit which only left me with belly fat and small amount of muscle. I think this advice here I would take. Thanks 🙏🏼

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