Best Way To Lose Weight

The BEST Quarantine Diet! (Weight Loss at Home)

The BEST Quarantine Diet! (Weight Loss at Home)

The BEST Quarantine Diet! (Weight Loss at Home)

I hope these tips help you guys out! This is a crazy time and we all need to come together!

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  1. Such an amazing man, great advise, so empathetic, and always remembers to be grateful and reminds his viewers as well. ❤️ Beautiful person inside and out.

  2. If any of y’all need someone to do this with during quarantine I’m down man. I’m 14 years old and would love like an IBF to loose weight with and we could maybe use each other to keep us motivated and for tips. I can’t do this alone yall 🙁

  3. I think mental health is a big part of it. If you focus on your food all the time it can get overwhelming because we don't have our normal distractions and getaways, socialising. I think finding hobbies, talking with others, housework. And being kind to yourself

  4. Do you have a video on disciplining yourself and having the willpower to not eat so much? I'm really struggling with the hunger feeling never going away and im looking to you for help disciplining myself (lately, the second I feel the hunger, I eat…its terrible)

  5. I started off my quarantining gaining so much weight but definitely have been happy since I decided that I would take control and turn this shitty situation into a positive one. Down 10lbs so far!

  6. I gained 10 pounds after losing 5 lbs before the pandemic hopefully this can help me, I feel like I'm starting over

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