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The CRONA Study: How Calorie Restriction Affects Aging and Health

The CRONA Study: How Calorie Restriction Affects Aging and Health

The CRONA Study: How Calorie Restriction Affects Aging and Health UCSF researcher Janet Tomiyama and long-time calorie restrictor Tadd Ottman discuss a milestone study on health and aging. In some species—for example fish, mice, worms and yeast—animals experience much longer life spans by simply consuming less calories. The Calorie Restriction With Optimal Nutrition and Aging (CRONA) study at UCSF hopes to determine if the same process can be applied to humans. The study is being done in collaboration with Elizabeth Blackburn, who won a Nobel prize in 2010 for her discovery of telomeres, and Cynthia Kenyon, who is considered a pioneer of longevity research.

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  1. It's important to emphasize a micro nutrient dense diet, whole foods (vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds), when restricting calories, to prevent deficiencies.

  2. Everytime I've done calorie restriction I start to feel better overnight and lose weight. It's never failed me.

  3. I heard this as a teenager and I’ve been experimenting with this practice. I don’t think it works people tell me the opposite I credit my Korean gene for that positive results as of present. I am still getting white hairs popping up but I do have stress so I can’t fully call it a fail. Still on going.

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  8. My best friend eats whatever he wants only once a day for most days. He’s become so used to it that he just doesn’t feel hungry. He’s 35 but he is constantly mistaken as a 16 year old. CR (maybe also IF) really is the secret of anti-aging!!

  9. They call themselves the pioneers in calorie restriction studies. Calorie restrictions every day, or periodical fasting for health and longer life is as old as humanity. I use periodical fasting with amazing results and I look 20 yrs younger (people who don’t know my age give me -20 lol). It doesn’t only cure body diseases, but mental diseases as well, like depression. Fasting is mentioned in every religious book, is it bible or koran. It’s funny, that scientists call themselves “pioneers” just because they happen to pay closer attention to long-knew facts and practices. If someone tells me, that only now they started testing it scientifically, it’s all wrong as well. There were a lot of doctors in Europe in beginning of 20 century, who tested it scientifically with great results. Until now we have a lot of clinics using fasting as a main cure. It is called “surgery without scalpel“. We have them in Poland, Germany, Austria and Russia. And for sure many other countries, that I am not aware of. But scientists these days will say they discovered something new…it makes me laugh, really.

  10. I did some calorie restriction to be healthy and to not look fat. I think there is much evidence of a link between calorie restriction and a long life in the world.

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