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The Top 5 Tips to Lower the Salt in Your Diet

The Top 5 Tips to Lower the Salt in Your Diet

The Top 5 Tips to Lower the Salt in Your Diet

Top 5 Tips to Lower the Salt in Your Diet

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Patients often tell me how difficult it is to maintain a low salt (sodium) diet. That’s usually because salt hides everywhere in prepackaged food and restaurants foods and because they think unsalted food tastes flavorless, and often gross or inedible.

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  1. Unfortunately in my country earing healthy is very expensive and so is health care. I can't even afford my kidney disease. Heck I haven't been to a dentist in a decade because no one in my family can afford it. Except for free health care for kids but not a kid anymore.

  2. Thank you for the information! I'm cooking with low sodium recipes for my wife. I've learned from you much!🙏

  3. This is very informative on this subject &&&& Cheese has tons of sodium….. Good points somewhat that knows nothing about controlling sodium I will give it that

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