Best Way To Lose Weight

The Ultimate Guide on Sprints (Become Lean, Powerful, and SHREDDED)

The Ultimate Guide on Sprints (Become Lean, Powerful, and SHREDDED)

The Ultimate Guide on Sprints (Become Lean, Powerful, and SHREDDED)

What’s going on gainsters ! Happy to be back and spreading the gains (: In this video we cover SPRINTS

Sprints are what separates the beast from the average. Watch closely and most of afterwards plan on taking action !

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  1. Like this for the ultimate gains exercise ! Don’t forget to subscribe if you learned something good (: Everybody have a gainful day 💪🏾💪🏾

  2. Thank you Gregory. Your the best man we'll informed. I was able to lose 66 lbs in 2 months. By sprinting and eating right. I also fasted that why the extreme results. Thanks a bunch man.

  3. So im jealous ik my issue is i eat anything and everything even with greasy foods smh but I'm like aside from that i can see this is a beautiful/extremely attractive black man but those features and head movements definitely had me like "ok somebodys gotta be Indian!" lol just my observant curious mind…

  4. Hey man! Great video, little question here, how do you balance sprinting and working out? Do you do sprinting on your rest days or do it with your gym workout together?

  5. Can someone plz help me, lol, I’m starting sprint intervals today…
    I’m aiming to do 15-20 minutes of sprint intervals with 15-20 seconds on and as long as it takes to recover (up to 120 seconds) off, and basically do as many intervals as I can within the set time (gonna start with 17 minutes I think)… questions I have…

    1. Is 15 seconds enough? I know how long seconds feel when you’re going hard, but what if I can only do, say, 5 sprints within my given time of 17 minutes? Is that enough as long as I went all out during the sprint periods? Enough to be effective for fat loss & cardiovascular strength/endurance (ofc, the goal is to increase, but basically my first few workouts won’t be for nothing…??)

    2. Is 2x a week enough? I’m aiming for 3x a week but I’ll see how much rest I need

    3. When they say that for true HIIT, you “rest for as long as you need,” as opposed to a set “15 on, 30 off” format, does that mean as long as you need to get ur heart rate back down to your warm up rate? Aka the heart rate I reach during my warm up jog? Or should I rest until my heart rate is a bit higher, or lower than that? I know you don’t wanna rest until your heart rate is all the way down to resting/standing heart rate, but aside from that, I’m not sure exactly what to aim for during rest/“off” periods? How do I know when I’m good to do my next sprint?

    4. I read that the goal is not necessarily to add more time at first, but to fit more sprints into the given time… so if I’m starting with a 17 minute timer, my goal for the next few weeks/months won’t be to raise that to 20, 25 min, etc, but to increase the # of sprints/ “on” periods I can do within those 17 min… so if I start out only being able to do 5 sprints giving my all, a good goal would be to up that to being able to do 10 within the same 17 minutes… and then once my body has adapted to basically needing less rest time and is able to push my hardest for more reps, then I can raise the time to 20 minutes, and repeat that process?

    5. Is it true that anything above 25 seconds on is not true HIIT, because the human body can’t actually truly go to the max for longer than that? This YouTuber “missfitandnerdy” said that, and I’m wondering if that’s true or if some people actually can go 90% for 30 seconds or so…

    I just wanna know if my plan will be effective for fat loss and building cardio endurance… I already do a lot of toning exercises and my muscles are pretty toned and fairly strong, but I’ve never truly committed to fat loss before, partially out of a belief that I’m incapable… I want my body fat % to drop, my abs to be more defined, etc… I eat pretty well, I don’t limit myself though… but calorically I eat well and I don’t eat fast food or junk food etc… could use some more fruits and veggies but yeah… for reference I’m 27 yo female, in good shape, 5 foot 3 and around 130 lbs

    Thank u in advance to anyone who actually reads this… I overthink things a lot, lmao, I’m mainly just skeptical that 15 second intervals can actually help me burn fat; I know it’s scientifically true, I just want validation, lol…my brain is trying to analyze everything… and of course, it’s not like it’s 15 seconds of work and then nothing for the rest of the time, I’ll still be jogging/ walking, and my heart rate will still be above rest during the off periods… so if I’m doing 17 minutes of this, idk why my brain would think a 17 minute jog is a good workout but somehow 17 minutes of basically jogging in between bursts of the hardest I can possibly go… somehow that’s something to analyze and worry about, lmao

    IS 15 seconds enough?? (Watch me do this and be able to go for 20 second intervals, lmao…)

  6. Secret to a lean natural body is the magical seven letter word "sprints" – proceeds to do spiderman pushups on finger tips

  7. Really good content and usesfull but is something that i dont undersant. Even elite sprinters cannot sprint one after the other and run 100%. Even if they run one, the next day they can't run another sprint in competition the next day.

    How can someone sprint 100 or 200 meters (at full capacity) 5 times and only with 5 minutes of rest? I would like that someone explain me.

  8. This is an outstanding presentation. Blends science and practical application. More is not better. This guy is a quality instructor.

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