Best Way To Lose Weight

To Lose Weight: Don't Eat Less Food, Just Fewer Calories

To Lose Weight: Don't Eat Less Food, Just Fewer Calories

To Lose Weight: Don't Eat Less Food, Just Fewer Calories

Losing weight requires you to eat less food, right? Nope.

I’d like to explain how you can eat MORE food and lose the extra weight.

It’s all about what you eat.

Don’t eat less food, eat more foods that contain fewer calories.

What happens when you go on a traditional diet that restricts the amount of food you can eat?

1) Increased hunger
2) Less satisfaction after eating
3) Slower metabolism

Ultimately, you tire of feeling hungry and say, “Forget this, I’m starving.”

And the result is often weight gained, ultimately, as a result of overeating to get that comfortable ‘full’ feeling.

Remember all those people on “The Biggest Loser” who worked so hard and ate so little to pull those big weight loss numbers consistently each week?

Subsequent news reports found that years later, 94% of those contestants gained the weight back due to consistently low metabolism due to not enough calories consumed and low levels of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied.

I feel very badly for all those people who lost weight in this artificial setting.

How do you avoid being one of these statistics?

Eat the same volume (amount) of food–just make sure these foods have fewer calories than what caused you to gain weight.

How do you do this?

Eat a one-pound burger (1500 calories) and then eat 1 pound of grapes (290 calories).

Trust me, you’ll also feel better eating the grapes, not the greasy, fat-laden burger with the processed white bread bun.

Fill up on foods with lower calories, in this order:

1) Vegetables – raw, cooked, blended–just eat them.
2) Fruits – they are even more filling and satisfy the sweet tooth
3) Beans, wild and brown rice, whole grains, sweet potatoes

Minimize your consumption of animal products including dairy, shrimp, fish

Avoid highly processed and artificial foods.

Commit to this exercise for a week, ideally two weeks. Not only will your clothing start to loosen up, but you are also going to feel differently (better!).

How do I know this? I began eating a whole food plant-based diet in January of this year and have dropped more than 30 pounds. I’ve never felt better and I’ll never go back to eating animal-based foods.

Find an app that can tell the calories you are consuming and keep track of them daily.

Then get ready to see a change in your appearance, your health and your outlook.

Have questions or comments? Share them below and I’ll be happy to respond.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Dr. Seun Sowemimo
Your Friendly Bariatric Surgeon
Freehold, NJ

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  4. Hi Doctor, won’t there come a time a person will want to eat the calorie dense food again and then risk regaining the weight? Isn’t it better to keep a flexible food diet but stay within a minimum calorie for long term?

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