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Here’s a few tips on how to overcome what I’ve found are the top 4 common reason as to why Type 1 Diabetics struggle to lose body fat.
Reason 2 I come across a lot.

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  1. It's pretty simple. Stop eating carbs. Your body can break down fat and protein into glucose, which can make your BS stable. If you're fasting, take half the insulin you use to take, because most Hypos come from too much medication.

  2. Hi team any tips on the lowest cal hypo treatment? Juice 130 cal for 250 ml 30 gram carb so far best I can find .. anyone have a good low cal solution or am I dreaming ?

  3. I don't have the psychologial health to manage to count carbs, since LADA is just one of my many illnesses, and those affect my diabetes as well. That's why I also don't have a pump, it's just too much for me to manage. I still want to get some weight loss, but it just seems hopeless. I have to have carbs to avoid hypos, and I don't know how insulin sensitive I am from day to day, with or without training. I tried to talk to my physician about this, but there seems to be rather little help to get here in Sweden. If LADA were just one thing to handle, it would've been much more easy…

  4. thank you !! i’ve been diabetic for a little over a year and am truly trying to lose weight now. it’s comforting knowing i can still lose weight with it. much love

  5. The one thing that changed everything is proper meds… Tresibas is the best slow insulin on the market as far as I'm concerned. No more crazy unexplained lows..

  6. I’ve found that keeping my levels in range MOST of the time is paramount to losing weight with type 1. The only way to do that is to exercise regularly (lifting weights and building muscle in order to burn more calories) and adjust my background insulin to avoid lows. So, cutting my background on a day that I do a heavy workout helps avoid lows (I’ll still get a low every now and then, of course.) I’ve found that being strict and consistent is what works and that will definitely go for most people, with or without type 1. Also, a strict caloric deficit in the beginning of the process is very important. Minimal alcohol intake, as well.

    It is difficult in the beginning and pretty frustrating, so don’t get discouraged or you will go back to your habits that weren’t working.

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  8. I've got a question.
    How do I know whether to decrease my long-lasting/basal/day insulin or my fast-acting/bolus/meal insulin?

  9. Id love to cut sugar, ive cut it from everything except going low. Sticking with oranges/pineapple etc for lows i just wish i wasnt type 1 so i could really cut the sugar for good. only 2 weeks in and im getting better at stopping lows with excercise so i dont need a boost. Damn you type 1

  10. I just become type 1 and I really wanna work out myself I’m dealing a lot of mentally stuff and the only thing that helps me is working out but this time I wanna lose weight and I don’t how

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