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Weight Loss Wednesday- Episode #4: Portion Control

Weight Loss Wednesday- Episode #4: Portion Control

Weight Loss Wednesday- Episode #4: Portion Control

So many of you have asked me how I lost 70 lbs this past year that I decided to start sharing my story and journey with you via these vlogs. I’ll be posting videos on Wednesdays sharing things that I am doing to lose and/or maintain my weight in hopes of inspiring some of you!

For this fourth episode I thought I would tell you about what I did to take control of my portion sizes! It’s all about portion control for me. I used to eat way too much. In this video I show you how I control portion sizes for our meals and drinks at home.

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  1. I love your personality, finally a video that simplifies portions without overwhelming me. I grew up in a Mexican culture and I grew up real chubby, I'm finally trying to maintain my weight

  2. I am obese and am 58 years old. In the 70s I was training for the olympics in track. Now I have diabetes in the last few years. I have had to change my deit considerably. Portions plays a huge factor. Thanks for your videos.

  3. allot of enthnic ppl who come here usually end up bigger simply for the fact we eat bigger back home BUT we are also much more active annd walk alot. so it balances it out. but in america movement isn't really that big with buses and cars and trains people will take for just one mile!

  4. Omg I have the same problem. My husband is Latino and he grew up that way to and I used to eat normal before him but now im constantly eating o.o its hard to go back

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