Best Way To Lose Weight

What Happens To Your Body on High Protein Diet

What Happens To Your Body on High Protein Diet

What Happens To Your Body on High Protein Diet

Protein has become a buzzword when it comes to dieting and working out, but what does a high protein diet really do for your body? Check out today’s new video that reveals the truth about protein and reveals the secrets to getting that summer body of your dreams!


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  1. Good infographic but the cholesterol part and fats part is absolute soypilled funded propaganda. There is different types of good and bad cholesterol. LDL is actually not dangerous and also the worst type of fats is PUFA, Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids, it is the one that is found in hormone disturbing seed oils and fried foods. Also (eAt ze bugz and live in ze pod) propaganda, they will tell you to eat bugs to mUh pRoTecT tHe eNviRonMent, while the vegan industry imits the most CO2 in air cause of the processing of vegetarian oils.. prepare for the Great reset lol

  2. Does the body absorb protein the same regardless of source? Heard comments about veg protein not being as efficient

  3. Meat and saturated fat do not cause heart disease. High cholesterol is not dangerous. There are no magical nutrients in plants that we need to eat. In fact, plants are full of anti-nutrients that bind to the minerals in your body and make you unable to absorb them. Fiber is not necessary to health.

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