Best Way To Lose Weight

What Weight Loss Strategies Work The Best? (r/AskReddit)

What Weight Loss Strategies Work The Best? (r/AskReddit)

What Weight Loss Strategies Work The Best? (r/AskReddit)

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  1. "Cheat days aren't a thing"
    Maybe not for everyone, but in my experience it has been the make or break. One cheat day (while I still monitor what I'm eating and how much) has kept me motivated and been a good incentive for the reward. I let myself drink a diet soda, I drink one of my matcha lattes with whip cream (though I use almond milk now) and I eat my usual lunch but let myself have whatever I want for dinner. It can be as controlled or relaxed as you want, but please don't feel guilty about a cheat day if it's something you feel like you need. I also use my cheat day to take a break from working out, and instead I practice stress management and mindfulness because I have a harder time doing that daily.

  2. Fasting never worked for me because I don’t like to feel hungry. And Keto always Platoed at 5 pounds loss. Plus I didn’t actually enjoy how much I had to eat to make the numbers.
    I found I lost 13 pounds (18 total but 5 were Keto) by
    1. I stopped drinking soda two years ago.
    2. I joined the gym and worked off a lot of what I ate. And joined one 2 minutes from work so it’s RIGHT THERE and I don’t have that excuse of driving to it after work and being too tired by then and skipping. Out of site, out of mind sort of thing.
    3. Portion control was ALWAYS a struggle because I hate wasting food and had that in my head. I had to learn that I don’t need to be in pain full to still be filled enough.
    4. I still have trouble drinking water because I don’t drink a lot of liquids anyway, but seltzer helps me drink more.
    5. I graze eat all day instead of huge meals because it keeps your metabolism to keep going all day. And mostly things like mini tomato’s or berries, even tiny carrots that I can grab and walk around with.
    6. The biggest thing was not buying snacks and keeping them home. I have a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night and just snacking half asleep. At least this way I WANT it but at not actually on hand to shove in my mouth. I am still addicted to sugar though and I struggle not to buy cake every day, but I let myself have some treats once in a while. If I say no one day, I can say yes the next. It’s about moderation not punishment.
    7. Look for alternatives. Like Lentil pasta or vegetable chocolate muffin treats.

  3. My dad was diabetic so all we ever had in the house was diet coke and coke zero, I generally prefer it over regular coke because sugary drinks make my mouth feel gross

  4. Y’all I lost 25 pounds WITHOUT MUCH STRUGGLING in a month in a half by using an app called MyNetDiary. It’s free and it tracks exercises, water intake, steps, the calories for each meal are easily logged, it shows you the calories for each food at nearly every type of measurement. It can also scan every barcode for every product and automatically put in the calories and nutrients and macros. It also does macros for you, shows you how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates are safe for you.
    It’ll show you extensively how everything works, and you can set a date that you want to be a certain weight and it will adjust your calories and you’ll be that weight when you get to that time, though everything is adjustable. Using MyNetDiary, you don’t have to cut out fun foods at all; I have several meals a week where I just kinda eat what I want, but still in proportion.
    It tracks everything, guys. I had never been successful for more than a week or so on a new diet until this app and I mean it.
    However, one thing you should know is that this app won’t set a date to lose weight too early to healthily do that; ie, it’s not healthy to lose more than two pounds a week, so it wont let you set anything like calories or end date to where it’ll put you in danger.
    Also, with more raw produce, after about a week, you won’t crave things like carbs because you’ll feel full because you’re getting the nutrients you’re body was craving for before. I didn’t even realize how horrible I felt before. I was over 200 pounds at 15 years old, and now just a month or so later I’m in my 170’s, fully fed and so much more happy. I’m going to be at a healthy 140 in late March to early April. Remember that things like pasta and all those fun foods are excellent, but in moderation. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about giving your body the healthy raw nutrients it needs and giving your brain what it wants a couple times a week. I have one or two fuck it meals a week and it feels just as good, if less filling, than my raw produce meals.
    If youve had trouble losing weight before, this app is free, even though there are a few premium extra(which you don’t need to use and love the app; I don’t wanna spend money on it either lol).
    It tracks and takes care of nearly everything, just be diligent with your logging, it takes two minutes before every meal (or after; I just like to log everything first and then know how many calories are in the meal I’m about to make so that I can adjust certain portions of certain things, add more of this, or less of that, etc), and is very convenient for on the go calorie logging and health tracking and it’ll consistently get you to where you need to go with your weight.
    The only thing is that when it tells you to eat a certain amount of calories a day, try to hit that level of calories or just about, because you’ll feel like shit if you dont. It calculate a healthy deficit for every person, dont try and do a higher deficit, or you’ll want to quit the diet because you’ll be hungry
    I swear that if you use this app diligently (maybe ten minutes of logging a day), and follow its guidelines, you will start to lose weight. Just try to have at least 70% of your food be raw produce; fruits, veggies, some honey, green tea, nuts and seeds, etc. Trust me; you’ll feel full
    Good luck, guys!!!!
    I’ll add some tips that have worked for me under the cut ✌️✌️

  5. Caffeine. And lots of protein. I boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of each week. Tuna straight out of a can.

  6. I lost about 130 pounds, 255 to 125. I'm back up to about 140 now. It took two or three years to drop the bulk of it. Kept it all off for the past 7 years now. The things that worked for me were switching to tea instead of soda, actively watching the type and amount of foods I was eating, and 6 miles a day of biking then 12 miles a day of biking. Basically a change of general diet, regular exercise 5-6 days a week for years, and continued determination to lose the weight. Life is better when your thighs don't rub each other raw on a short walk.

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