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Why It’s Hard To Lose Weight Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why It’s Hard To Lose Weight Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why It’s Hard To Lose Weight Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Geminis can be a little lazy when it comes to physical exercise. This is one of the reasons why they can’t lose weight. In fact, each zodiac sign has their own reason. And we’ll be discussing this in today’s video!

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Intro – 0:00
1. Aries: 00:25
2. Taurus: 01:00
3. Gemini: 01:31
4. Cancer: 02:17
5. Leo: 02:57
6. Virgo: 03:43
7. Libra: 04:27
8. Scorpio: 05:17
9. Sagittarius: 05:59
10. Capricorn: 06:35
11. Aquarius: 07:15
12. Pisces: 07:47


1. Aries
This sign loves to take charge and be active. They are natural born leaders with infectious enthusiasm. But along with these great attributes comes a lot of ignorance.

2. Taurus
Taurus people like to take care of themselves. They are also very determined and love to follow routines. So why can’t they lose weight? Well, the answer to this question is gluttony. Taurus have a tendency to chew more than they can swallow.

3. Gemini
We have already mentioned earlier that Geminis can be lazy. Well that laziness isn’t always there. It only shows itself when they have to engage in physical activity. Gemini is an air sign and seeks constant mental stimulation. When they don’t receive exactly that, they get bored.

4. Cancer
Similar to the bull, the crab loves to eat. Sometimes a little too much. This habit often gets in the way of a well-toned body. Cancers dream of losing weight, building abs and gaining muscle. Unfortunately, very few succeed.

5. Leo
The cat of the zodiac likes to play it cool most of the time. They are very charismatic people who love attention. Unfortunately, this love has negative aspects.

6. Virgo
Virgos are a little picky. They can enter a room and notice at least 20 things that are wrong. This is probably also the reason why they can’t lose weight.

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  1. Me a cancer with a six pack looking at the thumbnail:

    Hmm… interesting.

    But let me tell you this. Aslong as you don’t eat straight up junk often. If you workout hard enough you. will. lose. weight. I should know. I started off as a cancer with a belly. But I still managed to achieve my goal to get a six pack. For cancers sometimes it also acts as motivation knowing that our body is believed to be our most attractive trait. So might as well be able to show it off.

  2. That moment when they said Pisces was too busy daydreaming and I was daydreaming reasons why I don't work consistently.

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