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Why LOSING WEIGHT to get pregnant is NOT what you need (REAL CASE)

Why LOSING WEIGHT to get pregnant is NOT what you need (REAL CASE)

Why LOSING WEIGHT to get pregnant is NOT what you need (REAL CASE)

Why LOSING WEIGHT to get pregnant is NOT what you need (REAL CASE)

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Why LOSING WEIGHT to get pregnant is NOT what you need (REAL CASE)

Have you been asked to lose weight in order to get pregnant ? Perhaps you can relate to this…

Maybe you are blaming yourself for those extra pounds – wondering if that can be the reason why you don’t get pregnant?

When you’ve been trying for several months with no success, it gets scary because it feels like you are running out of time.

Imagining going to your doctor seeking for help… and being told to go home and come back later? That’s what happened to her… She was told to come back when she has 100 pounds lighter…!

Good news – she decided to seek a second opinion (mine!)

In today’s fertility TV, we’re going to listen to her success story, and how she was able to address her hormonal issues, lose weight and get pregnant


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► You’re ready to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally
► You want to reset your reproductive health while preparing for IVF
► You want to improve your egg quality and ovarian reserve with proven natural fertility protocols
► You need a break from IVF and want to get pregnant naturally
► You have been diagnosed with a fertility condition, such as unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, fibroid, thyroid issues, autoimmune, irregular cycles,
► You are worried that is taking too long and you’re “wasting your time”
► You are worried that is taking too long and you’re “wasting your time”

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  1. My tsh is 3.9 im in the uk my doctors will not give me anything for it been trying to concieve for 2 years i am 35

  2. My gynecologist suggested me to reduce weight and asked to follow a diet and to exercise so that I wud get pregnant
    She literally said u have put on weight , I had visited her for the 1st time

  3. Best treatment to hirsutism/PCOS with natural herbal medicine and cleanser, I had it for 5 years then a friend of mine introduce me to Dr Isibor on youtube who cured her niece with same issue with natural herbs and body cleanser in less than 3 weeks so I gave it a try and it really worked for me I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids

  4. Hai sir I have some messages sent you iam your old viewer petiont now my age is 42 I have period regularly , I have no children I have five faibroid , my amh is 1.85 before two years back, my husband age 49 please give good advice tq ,shall I w go with Sarogacy please reply me iam waiting, tq sir

  5. I’ve been trying to conceive for years I was told I had pcos and to loose weight . Last year I was finally diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia without atipia . Once again I’m told to loose weight and to take progesterone. Is there anything else I can do to help with conceiving and with the hyperplasia?

  6. I wish if I knew your channel when I was ttc, I went to zillion dr all said the same lose weight btw I was 35 pounds above average weight It never made sense to me….why not seek the issues I have (my period was regular till I got married I got lot of symptoms)

  7. Hi Dr. This is exactly my case. I am over weight , I have Pcos . And doctors keeps saying loose weight. Then I did some research and ask Dr. To get my Thyriod checked. When the results came . I had hypothrorism. Finally my thyroid is back to normal and medicine should be continued. Now they still says about weight loss. I am trying for baby for 5 years. I am UK . What should I do . I need help I need help Doctor . Please I need help. i am 28yrs old. How can I talk to you. Please send help.

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