Best Way To Lose Weight

Why Swimmers are Hungry All the Time | How to STOP It

Why Swimmers are Hungry All the Time | How to STOP It

Why Swimmers are Hungry All the Time | How to STOP It

Can’t seem to shake that post-swim hunger? Check out our tips, plus some great products from UCAN to help you fuel for performance!

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What Happens To Your Body When you Swim
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How to Lose Weight Swimming
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What Swimmers Should Eat Before, During & After Swimming
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0:00 Intro
0:40 What Happens When You Swim?
1:36 Why Nutrition Matters
2:15 Food Challenges
4:55 UCAN SuperStarch
5:52 Comparing Fuel Sources

Video for Best Way To Lose Weight Swimming
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  1. My body works better with a Less Carb High Protein diet.

    1,5 hour Pre-Swim meal, I eat 5 small whole wheat crackers and 50 gram chicken breast/salmon.

    Post-Swim meal I eat another 5 small whole-wheat crackers and another 50 gram chicken breast/salmon + apple/watermellon.

    I take ocassional sip of honeyed water in between laps.

  2. Well, it´s not like maltodextrin and "super starch" are the only two options. Why not slow carbs (whole wheat bread/pasta etc)?

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