Fastest Way To Lose Weight

10 Carnivore "Rules" I Break Daily & Still See Weight Loss & Better Health

10 Carnivore "Rules" I Break Daily & Still See Weight Loss & Better Health

10 Carnivore "Rules" I Break Daily & Still See Weight Loss & Better Health

Thinking of trying the Carnivore Diet?! Don’t let these “rules” and terms you read & hear from other Carnivore enthusiasts stop you 💗 I have had great success breaking many of these rules, and I think it is more important to try it for 30 days and see how you feel! 🥰🥩 I hope you enjoy! 🫐 Lisa

Dr Ken Berry~

The REAL Reason I Started Carnivore~
How To Boil Perfect Eggs That Peel Easily~

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00:00 Introduction
03:02 Grassfed Beef
05:04 Frozen Shrimp
06:19 Farm Raised Eggs
07:14 Processed Meats
08:05 Sausage Bacon & Pepperoni
09:14 What I Eat At McDonald’s
10:53 Diet Coke
12:36 Can Diet Coke keep you from Ketosis or make you crave sugar?
13:24 Eat Nose To Tail
13:40 Liver Capsules
14:15 Adding Berries To Carnivore Diet
15:18 Eating Ketchup on the Carnivore Diet
15:39 Butter With Steak
16:19 Spices & Seasonings
16:57 Chicken Thighs
17:34 Cooking With Olive Oil
18:43 Intermittent Fasting (this will help you lose weight faster)
19:51 Coffee On The Carnivore Diet
20:38 Wine on the Carnivore Diet

Video for How To Lose Weight The Nine Rules
How To Lose Weight The Nine Rules youtube video content


  1. Do you eat the same thing everyday? Eggs for lunch and steak and prawns for dinner? Do you snack at all? Wondering why you don't eat all the variety of meats to keep it interesting? I eat basically like this during the week but have a cheat day every Saturday where i have anything I want without issue. My son has gone carnivore now and loving it.

  2. Dr. Anthony Chaffee actually advises against coffee, as it also comes from a plant. And is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world. And it's addictive due to the caffeine. Which messes with your adrenal glands. A total rabbit hole, lol…

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