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10 Healthy Food SWAPS // Eat This, Not That

10 Healthy Food SWAPS // Eat This, Not That

10 Healthy Food SWAPS // Eat This, Not That

These are 10 easy healthy food swaps that are simple to add into your full day of eating. I use to CRAVE these all the time, but I ditched the originals & didn’t even miss them! Try GTs Synergy Kombucha –

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  1. A family friend had me mix flavored protein powder into non-flavored Greek yogurt and it’s one of my favorite things.

  2. My fav protein shake (store bought) is the fair life
    Chocolate protein shake only 2g of sugar I think and it’s
    Sooo yummy 10/10 would recommend ❤

  3. I’m a milkshake fanatic and Carl’s Jr. milkshakes are theee best. Probably not the healthiest but it’s real ice cream instead Mc Donald’s sus “milkshakes”

  4. I was counting the cream in my coffee as 2 tbsp a cup – and I decided to actually measure and it was 4 or 5 tbsps a cup. so wow what a difference.

  5. No, Jiffy is not another brand. Look up the Mandela effect. A lot of people, myself included remember Jif being Jiffy but apparently it never has been. There is a lot like that. Like Febreze not being spelled like febreeze, kitkat not having a dash in the middle, the monopoly man not having a monocle, I could go on but look it up.

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