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10 minutes of jump rope every day will do this to your body

10 minutes of jump rope every day will do this to your body

10 minutes of jump rope every day will do this to your body

In today’s video discover the reasons why jumping rope makes a great addition to your fitness routine.

By the way, when was the last time you used a jump rope?

On your PE class, perhaps?

We get you. We’ve been there too.

If you’re in doubt of the benefits of jumping rope or are just aren’t confident with not looking silly when doing it at the gym, allow our video to convince you otherwise.

Want to hear some of the benefits?

It’s a great calorie burner, for one.

Another thing is that it helps develop your mental capacity.

These and many other benefits that we will be talking about today so make sure to stay tuned.

1. Burns calories
Did you know that only a handful of exercises can burn calories as jump rope do?

Even jumping at a moderate rate can already burn off 10-16 calories a minute.

Up your jump rope exercises into a 10-minute round and you’re looking at 160 calories.

Furthermore, skipping rope for 10 minutes is around the same thing as running an 8-minute mile. Cool, right?

2. Improves bone density
High calcium diet is widely known to increase bone density, but so does jumping rope. Surprised?

According to studies, jumping for 10 minutes a day can provide greater bone-building benefits than running.

Even for elderly and athletes, simply jumping is one of the top effective exercises for boosting bone density.

3. Develops agility and quickness
Want to be able to move quickly and lightly?

Jumping rope for 10 minutes a day can help you achieve that.

It also helps your body connect with your mind to make neural muscular adjustments, improving your balance.

It targets your calves, knees, and ankle joints.

In essence, this exercise can boost your quickness and balance by making your mind concentrate on your footwork for sustained periods.

As such, it helps reduce incidents such as foot and ankle injuries.

Why do you think boxers seem to favor jump rope so much?

4. Makes a good brain workout
One of the amazing things about jumping rope is that it doesn’t just benefit your outer appearance, but also your brain.

Activities that have physical AND mental demands like jumping rope have stronger impacts on cognitive functioning.

Jumping helps improve the development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

As a result, it boosts your memory, reading skills, and mental awareness.

5. Extremely affordable and versatile
Jump rope is easy to incorporate whether in your daily morning or evening routines.

Depending on your free time, it can be used as a warm-up, or an exercise itself.

You just need a rope, a sufficient space–be it in your home, outdoors, or at the gym–and a flat surface to ensure your smooth rhythm and footing.

There are also tons of workout guides on jump rope for beginners on the internet.

To spice things up and inject a bit more fun, try performing different tricks and alternate your speed.

Now, are you giving jump rope a chance?

Comment your thoughts, or if you have questions for us, below. –

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  1. Wanna ask one thing.. will this make my legs skinny?? Because i wanna loose belly fat and make legs thicker.

  2. Can I use it and NOT lose weight? I'm super skinny and I really don't want to stop skipping also, can't afford to lose weight.
    I'll become a kite otherwise.

  3. Losing weight is easier compare to gaining weight..will this help me to gain weight in my progress?

  4. I can only do it for some seconds it’s so embarrassing. Then my knees and ankles start hurting so I gotta rest.

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