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11 Best Standing Exercises (No Jumping) To Lose Weight At Home

11 Best Standing Exercises (No Jumping) To Lose Weight At Home

11 Best Standing Exercises (No Jumping) To Lose Weight At Home

Who says you can’t do exercises when you’re having knee pain, knee problems, or lower body issues? Today’s workout is here to show how you can still lose weight and burn fat at home even if you and other conditions that might interfere with your ability to exercise!

In today’s video workout I have included the best body-weight exercises that will help burn calories but don’t require any jumping or excessive effort for your knees and legs. It’s an effective low impact workout program to get in shape!

Keep in mind that in order to see results, you would need to perform this workout regularly if not everyday!

Are you ready to begin the workout? Let’s go!❤️💪

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  1. First let me say a big Thank You for all your videos. I am loving these videos. I can add weight to them if I like and also I can do these twice around for a 30 minute workout.

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    28 august ❎
    29 august ✅ but did on different times of the days
    30 august ❎
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  3. I started doing this exercise two weeks ago and i have a lost a kg thank u soo much Roberta i will continue doing this 🔥🔥

  4. It's work for me and I share my progress with weight 👇
    Day 1 – done
    Day 2 – done
    Day 3 – done along with 7 day 7 min challenge
    Day 4 – done along with 7 day 7 min challenge today I also started 16:8 intermittent fasting. In morning my weight was 89.95 kg but after exercise it's 89.25kg
    Day -5 done same as day 4 with IF
    Day – 6 done same as day 5, today my weight is 88.55kg
    Day – 7 done same as day 6 but today I add 3 to 4 more exercise approximately 6 minute more exercise, weight is 88.10
    Day – 8 done both exercise with IF but my weight is same as yesterday may be because I ate sweets not too much just little bit small piece
    Day – 9 done both exercise with IF and also add standing 15 min walk, weight is 87.70 kg
    Day 10 – done
    Day 11 – done but now am started other 11 minute exercise along with 7 day 7 min challenge because now it's easy for me so I tried little harder exercise but I will upload my progress here. Weight 87. 55 bcoz I ate ice cream 😅😅
    Day 12 ✅
    Day 13 ✅

  5. Hi, I am 15 and quite fat but I have really well stamina and core strength due to which my body does not get workout or sweat even after jumping ropes and crunches and certain hiit workouts.
    But I want to lose body fat, can someone suggest some high intensity exercises?

  6. I am not that much fat but still my friend calls me fat i hope by doing this exercise i lose my fat and weight😩😓

  7. My weight started increasing like 3-4 kgs per month. So One day (finally) I decided to start workout and stop having outside food.
    And i found this video, which is good for beginners to start. So along with this workout I have tried doing 10-11k steps for approx 20 days continuously… resulted I didn't reduce weight but I lost some inches which was visible and my weight stopped increasing; it is stable since 1.5 months. I believe if I will continue this with good avg diet it will start reducing some kgs as well… Thanks Roberta 🙃

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