Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Could Vitamin D Help You Lose More Weight?

Could Vitamin D Help You Lose More Weight?

Could Vitamin D Help You Lose More Weight?

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. . This one vitamin (Vitamin D) can actually help you lose weight.

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Insulin Resistance:

0:04 The vitamin that helps you lose weight 
0:21 Weight loss and vitamin D
0:50 Causes of a vitamin D deficiency 
1:26 Insulin resistance 
2:12 Benefits of vitamin D
2:37 How to lose more weight with vitamin D

In this video, I’m going to share with you the one vitamin that helps you lose weight.

The vitamin that can help support weight loss is vitamin D. 

A few causes of a vitamin D deficiency:

• Obesity 
• Diabetes 
• Insulin resistance 
• Stress
• High blood pressure 
• Autoimmune conditions 
• Inflammation 

The common thread in all of the above conditions is insulin resistance. High insulin is behind weight problems. 

Vitamin D benefits:

• Lowers stress
• Lowers insulin 
• Lowers inflammation 
• Lowers estrogen 
• Increases good bacteria 
• Decreases metabolic syndrome

How to lose weight with vitamin D:

• Get more sun 
• Take a vitamin D supplement (20,000 IUs with vitamin K2)

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Try taking vitamin D to help lose weight!

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  1. First of all, telling people to take 20,000 IU of vitamin D without talking about weight is not responsible. Fatter people need more, thinner people need less. Somebody 400 pounds will need a lot more vitamin D than somebody 200 pounds if they want to lose weight…

  2. I used to be in the sun a lot and was thinner. this year I gained like 20 lbs just did a blood test and found out I was deficient in vitamin d 🙁 could this be why I gained so much weight?

  3. I take loads vit d3 and I've gai ed weight my bones hurt a lot more and my neck and im so stiff tired all time swell up a lot I take zink potassium b vitamins vit c iron vit a vit e selenium and yet when I take vit d it stiffens me up terribly my kidneys hurt more my chest heart as well. Im on levythyroxine as well .
    Thats it dont take any other stuff is there something im missing ? I eat a vegan plant base diet as well been vegan plant base since birth
    My stomach is massive now im pre menapousal as well

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