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Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? (The 4 Biggest Problems)

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? (The 4 Biggest Problems)

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? (The 4 Biggest Problems)

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Often, when you set out on a weight loss journey, you may consider whether alcohol and weight loss mix and whether you’ll need to give up alcohol completely in order to make the most of your efforts. The answer I’m going to give you today is ‘No, not completely.’ That may make some of you happy to hear!

In fact, when it comes to the question “Does alcohol make you fat,” it’s not actually the alcohol that causes you the problems. There are 4 predominant issues that I cover in this video and below that actually cause you to gain weight if you drink often. Let’s dive on in and find out what they are!

**Problem #1 – Blunted liver processing and metabolism

When you drink alcohol, your body considers it a poison and focuses its efforts on metabolizing it before anything else. Because of this, the livers’ job of metabolizing fat is severely blunted. Studies have shown that this process, necessary to stop your body from storing excess fat, can be affected by up to 75%!

Also, when your liver is busy trying to metabolize alcohol, it gets severely depleted of your vitamin and mineral resource, especially B vitamins. One particular symptom of a lack of Vitamin B is tiredness. Think back to your last hangover – Now you probably understand why you felt so tired!

**Problem #2 – Increased storage of fat from food and sugary drinks

Building on top of weight gain and alcohol problem #1 comes the issue of fat being stored more readily due to the blunting of your liver function to metabolize fat. During times of drinking alcohol you should be more choosy about what you eat, opting for foods that are higher in protein, but lower in carbs and fat.

Even a meal that you would normally think of as healthy, such as salad, avocado, and salmon, could end up causing you to store more fat. This goes back to the blunting of the liver function and it is not being able to keep up with metabolizing the extra calories effectively.

Your choice of drink will also be important, as anything that is sugary, like cocktails, will obviously be higher in Carbs than a straight drink like a vodka soda.

**Problem #3 – A negative effect on sleep

The next problem of alcohol and weight gain is its negative effect on sleep, particularly sleep quality and duration. The main impact is when it comes to REM sleep as this is when your body is usually producing necessary hormones for your body to be at its optimum. That moves us to the next problem.

**Problem #4 – A negative effect on hormones

When it comes to weight gain and alcohol, this problem is a big one too. If you’ve been around our channel or our website, you’ll know that hormones have a massive impact on your weight loss efforts.

Even after just 2 or 3 drinks, alcohol lowers Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone levels, while increasing levels of Estrogen. This creates a very favorable environment for weight gain, which is exactly what you don’t need.

So when it comes to weight loss and alcohol, my recommendation would be to limit the number of times you drink; when you do drink, drink plenty of water, and make wise food choices to go with them.

I hope this answers your question “Does alcohol make you gain weight?” and helps you along the way! For more information on this topic, you can read our fully comprehensive article at →

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