Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Exercise is NOT the Key to Weight Loss

Exercise is NOT the Key to Weight Loss

Exercise is NOT the Key to Weight Loss

Last week I talked about the many ways exercise is awesome. This week I want to focus on one way it’s not. Weight loss. Sorry, but that’s the topic of this week’s Healthcare Triage.

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  1. Here is the secret to loosing weight, backpacking. I did a section hike on the Appalachian trail and I met a man who was hiking the whole trail (2200 miles). He was generally a heavier guy at the time. But hee lost 40 pounds in 1 mounts of continuous hiking. I understand that 90% of the population can’t do this but if you ever get the opportunity to hike for 3 or more days, do it. I lost 9 pounds in a week while hiking and it was the greatest 9 pounds I ever lost. It was fun, good for my mental and physical health, and I met a lot of cool people doing it. This is just my story for what really worked for me.

  2. As my friend stated: "Exercise is 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym" , you gotta take care of your diet much more than your body. Well apparently there's some truth to that.

    Also cool shit changing positions on the set! i think the result of that is increased retentivity of the presented data in the viewers.

  3. Scientist K. Anaekwe: When I was overweight I knew what to do – I simply used the method the polar bears used ( hibernation). I deliberately slept longer to cutout meals – it worked — — To know more – Visit – wattpad – Book Title; WHAT DOCTORS DON'T KNOW ABOUT CANCER…

  4. When i look at my Fathers Pics from the 80s when he was in his mid – late 20s, he and his friends had all well defined ABS and Hollywood actor looks even tho they never did any sports or watched exactly what they ate. When i ask my father what did he eat and what sports did he do back then, he says that he was smoking cigarettes most of the time, drank 4-5 black coffes per day and ate everyday by Grandma(eggs, beans, self made cheese and other self made stuff) and coz nobody was rich and cars were expensive to them they walked most of the time…That was the only "sport" he did

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