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Exercise vs. Zoloft

Exercise vs. Zoloft

Exercise vs. Zoloft

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  1. There was a time I was a workout junky and was in the greatest shape of my life. I still had extremely terrible anxiety. You saying that for people that are in shape zoloft won't help at all?

  2. Im on meds, and my sister called me all hit me hard, looking at pics of family from generation's. Me spinning down this spiral. My sis cant have kids.and well there's me. The bloodline stops cuz im a f up !!! I started working out so hard.eating healthy, i could hardly walk. With bad knees. I trained and got p.t. slowed on the weights a bit.i was pulling and hurting myself from my ocd.
    I had to be working out.or i felt useless !!! These new endorphins hit my brain, i went from this dark an out going human. My friends all saw deep changes.not just in weight. Or muscle. But in my head and mind. I just wanted to become the friend a friend would want to have. Not looked down as a piece of trash ! Which before i was, but i messed my body up so bad, it takes time and im afraid some things never come back 100%. But im a better person all from exercise

  3. Oh wow! I litterly just got a bottle of these today I took one, I am scared I am not even depressed my doc said it would help my anxiety!! Very interesting! Thank you!

  4. You are missing something here, Brian. U didn't compare the zoloft+exercise group vs the exercise group . Which one was better of those two?

    I would perosnally like to only exercise and then compare that feeling to the feeling you get from exercise+sertraline

  5. I love it Brian! As a trainer this little snippet of info can help me show clients that there is proof how exercising can improve everything in their lives! Thank you for doing this!

  6. Perhaps! And you might just find that exercising GIVES you the energy to exercise. One of the important points of that research was also the fact that the exercise alone category outperformed the exercise + zoloft 6 months later and this might be due to the fact that if you did both you wouldn't know you actually DID have the power to rock it! That self-confidence/self-efficacy is HUGE!

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