Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Extreme weight cutting: 30lbs in 24 hours

Extreme weight cutting: 30lbs in 24 hours

Extreme weight cutting: 30lbs in 24 hours

Weight cutting can be dangerous, and even result in death if taken to an extreme. My personal experience with extreme weight cutting for professional MMA fighting

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  1. Such a calming demeanor. Im sure he can take someone down in less than 5 seconds but he has a such a potent great vibe.

  2. i had to start this video 5x, i keep getting distracted

    1. Void your bowel πŸ’© cutting 5-10lbs
    2. Sweat πŸ˜“ πŸ’¦ πŸ’§ taking the salt of our body
    3. Stop eating & drinking the day before
    4. Sleep πŸ’€ losing 2-6lbs
    5. Practice weight cutting weeks or months before the fight
    6. Go to the gym with your same routine
    If you feel great, than it’s sustainable

    Only lose 10% of your body weight

  3. Extreme weight cutting is fine. But it has to be done the way you suggest in this video. Dehydration is the stupid way of doing it, but like you say you can do do aggressive weight cutting overnight, not 30 lbs but 5 to 10 lbs by stopping all eating and drinking is realistic. But cutting 5 % of your body weight overnight at most is what should be targeted. Cutting 30 lbs from 175 lbs to 145 lbs overnight is impossible unless you dehydrate to death, but cutting 9 lbs can be done.

  4. Doesn't mention that when weight cutting via sweating your body regardless of xlax and dyheretics will not let you poop due to holding on to whatever it can and fighting you seemingly the whole way. Lost ten of twenty lbs and every method just stopped working after ten lbs were gone, and I'm 220.

  5. How to lose fat and water retention around the face? I'm lean enough but have a round moonface which makes me look fat in pictures lol. Would sweating help? Or do I need to lose MORE weight? Any response will be much appreciated!!!

  6. Yea, just excuses

    πŸ˜‚ jk. Seems like u went through hell. I ones got into a fight when I was sick, fighting sick sucks .

  7. +Ramsey Dewey Hi, do you feel a combat sportsperson should be banned from a weight class if they have suffered kidney failure trying to get down to that fighting weight? Thanks.

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