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Hashimotos and Weight Loss – 3 Keys To Weight Loss That Have Nothing To Do With Diet

Hashimotos and Weight Loss – 3 Keys To Weight Loss That Have Nothing To Do With Diet

Hashimotos and Weight Loss – 3 Keys To Weight Loss That Have Nothing To Do With Diet

Hashimotos and Weight Loss – 3 Keys To Weight Loss That Have Nothing To Do With Diet// When it comes to weight loss, Hashimoto’s can make a tough challenge even tougher. While diet is certainly important as a natural strategy to support your health, it’s not the only factor when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. To optimize your weight loss, even with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, we have to consider the entire person and have a holistic approach. In this video, we cover 3 keys to helping you lose weight that have nothing to do with your diet, including exercise, sleep, and stress management. We also talk about ways that we can better understand and improve on these aspects of our health.

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  1. What has the most important lifestyle change that you've made to help with your weight loss? Let me know in the comments!

  2. I had been a very obese child and started to lose weight rather quickly. The lowest weight I had been was 64 kg (I am 160 cm) and I felt good. Just tried to tighten my skin on my arms, thighs and belly. Then suddenly I gained a lot of weight within a short period of time. Diagnosis: hypothoroid. So since then I've taken L-Thyroxine 100 µg, later on 75, later on my doctor wanted me to stop taking meds AT ALL at once. He thought I had Morbus Basedow since my blood results suggested this. I switched doctors because after going cold turkey with my meds I gained a lot of weight without eating more or eating junk food. I got my meds back but still felt really bad. After I visited another doctor, she told me I had Hashimoto's. So… I got the wrong meds for about 7 years, struggling with my weight and now I do feel better. Still not good… She gave me Prothyrid (it has t3 + t4) and I felt great. I started to work out more and lost a bit of weight. My doc told me I had too many hormones now so we would switch again. Then she changed the meds to Novothyral (more t3, less t4). I gained about 2 kg since I've taken it and I do feel worse again… I hope she can help me for my next appointment because I am so exhausted and have no energy to work out like I have before. So the thing is now: my regular doctor said he thinks I have lipodema, he wants me to go to a phlebologist which I will do. But… to be honest I don't know what to do anymore. I am between 70 – 73 kg and I just want to reach my goal of 60 kg. I really do need help but nobody seems to be able to 🙁 MAYBE having lipodema in combination with Hashimoto's makes me want to bawl my eyes out… What else can I do? I have reached my mental limits with this…

  3. Incredible advice! I’ve reached that weight loss plateau and my blood sugar is a little high. Trying to adapt for better health. Could you possibly make a video on this subject?

  4. Excellent video, Dr. Brad. Most people don't understand how important sleep is to our health. It affects blood pressure, weight regulation, depression, and diabetes to name a few areas. Thank you for pointing out how important sleep is.

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