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How I Lost 100 lbs Swimming 4x/Week | (Michael Allon) #AskASwimPro Show

How I Lost 100 lbs Swimming 4x/Week | (Michael Allon) #AskASwimPro Show

How I Lost 100 lbs Swimming 4x/Week | (Michael Allon) #AskASwimPro Show

On this episode of the #AskASwimPro show, we’re in downtown Detroit with MySwimPro Co-Founder Michael Allon talking about his incredible 100 lbs weight loss story.

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0:35 – How much weight did you lose? How long?
1:07 – How did you get started?
1:40 – The weight loss equation.
2:25 – How to create a caloric deficit.
3:25 – How much swimming were you doing?
4:12 – How does a swim training plan work?
5:23 – How to keep the calorie equation simple?
6:45 – What helped improve your swimming the most?
7:03 – What is a β€˜feel for the water’?
8:03 – How to start swimming as an adult.
9:46 – Getting into Masters Swimming!
11:07 – Training all the strokes.
12:33 – How much faster did you get in the last year?
13:41 – Advice for swimmers looking to get into masters swimming.
15:08 – Advice for swimmers who don’t want to compete.
16:22 – Favorite types of swim workouts?
17:05 – How to improve kicking speed and technique.
18:36 – Why you don’t need equipment to get started.
20:35 – What are your goals for 2019 and beyond?
21:20 – Training with Runtastic Results.
22:43 – Advice for getting started.
23:53 – How do you feel?

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MySwimPro is the #1 fitness app for swimmers in the world! MySwimPro is a personal coach that helps swimmers in more than 180 countries improve their performance and health by delivering personalized training plans, workouts, technique videos, and analytics. The MySwimPro app is available on iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, and Garmin smartwatches.

About Coach Fares:
Fares Ksebati is the Co-Founder and CEO of MySwimPro. He is a 3x Individual U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion and Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimmer. Fares is a Fellow by the American Swim Coaches Association and certified USA Triathlon coach. He is the author of Swim Like A Pro and loves helping swimmers reach their full potential. Follow him on social media @FaresKsebati!

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  1. Need to lose 75 pounds to get healthy seems like I will never get there swimming is something I really like to do working out not so much maybe I will try swimming and changing my diet of course

  2. Swimming has saved my life. I injured my tendons in the arm so basically anytime I lifted weights it would hurt. I lost all my gains and became super skinny, depressed, full of anxiety, I just completely let myself go and it effected my mental state therefore affecting everyone I loved, I was not confident as I was. Buoyancy is the opposite of gravity, for the frist time I can workout in the water with the least amount of pain and my whole body FEELS INCREDIBLE IM NIW THICK AFTER JUST SWIMMMING FOR 2 WEEKS ITS INSANE IM SO HAPPY EVERYONE IS COMMENTING HOW GOOD I LOOK. I LOVE POOLS. IF ANYONE HAS INJURYS OR OVERWEIGHT ITS THE BEST THING FOR YOUR BODY ITS INCREDIBLE. I ONLY WISH I STARTED SWIMMING BEFORE WEIGHTS. EVERYTIME I WORKOUT IN THE WATER I FEEL MORE REJUVENATED VS FEELING DESTROYED FROM WEIGHTS. ITS BLOODY AWESOME

  3. I will continue to watch this whenever I feel discouraged, wish me luck, I just went to the GYM yesterday and swam for a little over an hour, I was elated up until 3 hours later, all my joints were soooo soreπŸ€£πŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  4. I hurt my back training with weights and my doctor recommended me swimming as a better exercise for me so I thinking about getting into it

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