Fastest Way To Lose Weight

How to Drop Stubborn Body Fat Without Losing Muscle

How to Drop Stubborn Body Fat Without Losing Muscle

How to Drop Stubborn Body Fat Without Losing Muscle

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer a live question from one of our listeners.

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“How to Drop Stubborn Body Fat”
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  1. Decreasing carb intake and not fueling carbs before training. Taking enough protein and fats to get calories and rest of the calories body would get from burning own bodyfat. If one continues eating carbs normally and fueling workouts with carbs, body cant get to fat before it has used sugar from digested carbs, muscles and liver.

    This is what I think and worked for me.

  2. 6' 4" and 200 pounds, that's extremely light. You could easily weigh 50 pounds more and look great! Why trying to get leaner?

  3. I walk 10k steps in 5 hours at work. I don't eat much. I work out in the heat and can't make myself eat. So I'll usually only eat dinner. I'm 390 at 6'4" so I'm obese I'd think I should be able to lose weight fairly easy but it just doesn't happen

  4. Walk 7000 steps a day. Workout 5 days a week and eat at matinence calories. For me with walking and weights at 6ft 1 I still drop weight at 3000 calories at 48 yrs of age

  5. Full body workouts 2 times a week to muscle failure. Only focus on heavy compound lifts that work big muscle groups. Bench press or dumbell press, squats, Legg press, Deadlift, back rows. Lat pull downs, shoulder press. Heavy push pull moves. Mix in your arms and isolated leg lifts if u fell the need. Burpee is another good full body move along with Deadlift. They burn lots of calories while building strength. Steady walking on the treadmill. Raise the incline to 5 or 6 or higher and a speed you're comfortable with. I try to walk at least 2 to 3 times a week, and do a full body with weights twice a week. Calorie deficit, and get your protein in. U can try intermittent fasting also. But do ur research on how to do it.

  6. Abs are built in the kitchen folks…….intermittent fasting & keto will get you the fastest results when lifting 4-5 times a week. I don’t even do cardio, I do walk a couple miles a day to the park where I’ll do pull-ups or dips based on what I’ll be doing in the gym later. 9.7% body fat and I’m 59-Years old 💪🏻

  7. This was super informative, thanks guys. I have the same problem where I sit all day for my job. I try to get up and move around but it is not nearly as often as I should be getting up and moving due to the demands of my work. I train strength 3 days per week and am a dedicated runner currently running 5 days per week around 35-40 miles. Do you think running for 45mins-60mins per day is the same as walking that 6000 steps you recommended?

  8. Cut out grains and milk..i would cycle carb days with fruit – fresh coconuts, papaya, avocados, olives, cucumber, berries, and a fast day/or two days

  9. Shortest answer to this question is reduce carbs increase protein while in caloric deficit. Lift heavy, cut salt and stay hydrated

  10. It is very stupid and difficult to count everything ad s normal guy, don't listen to all these junks on macros, and how much calories BS… Just healthy stuff do not full ur stomach and excersis regularly u all be fine…

  11. Im 6’2 180 pretty shredded
    I eat 24 oz of bbq chicken a day
    No sugar added bbq sauce by sweet baby Ray is a game changer
    Carb supplement Vitargo 2 scoops a day before work out
    1 Protein shake at night and 1 after workout.
    Along with my vitamins this is it. It’s all in what you eat. If you want the perfect body you need to sacrifice and be willing to do whatever it takes. I have 1 cheat day every couple months. Just stay consistent. I love working out and looking good so it doesn’t matter that I only eat chicken. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT AT ALL COSTS.

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