Fastest Way To Lose Weight

How To Lose Tummy Fat Fast | Pulse TV

How To Lose Tummy Fat Fast | Pulse TV

How To Lose Tummy Fat Fast | Pulse TV

Eat Right Africa brings you a healthier way on how to lose belly fat fast!

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Video for Fastest Way To Lose Weight In Nigeria
Fastest Way To Lose Weight In Nigeria youtube video content


  1. And I don't like skinny either…I was thinking maybe reducing the intake instead u want make I starve 😔 🤔….🤣🤣🤣

  2. So we shouldn't eat rice or swallow as Nigerians…weight loss I stay without all that…eating beans for how long…which lie be that..

  3. Hi friends. I lost weight following this diet: the2weekdietnow. com (G00GLE it)
    It is a diet that helped me lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

  4. Just this morning you were looking so pretty and all of a sudden you having some breakout and your skin becomes dull, as a result of built up toxins in your system. Follow on IG: @Ollynaturals and get our Detox Slimming/Flat Tummy tea ☕️ visible results in six(6) days

  5. Weight loss nonsense!! I am Nigerian and can only give up on those foods if I am going to live forever. Guys, don't believe all those lies that 'oyibo' people are trying to tell you: the slimmer, the better. I will tell you what a healthy recipe is: mind the quantity, mind the time, get busy either in the gym or at the farm. If you do these, you will live long. By the way, I love plus size women; not the dry ones

  6. Black beans, chicken peas. Black eyed beans r also gud. N proteins. Meat replacement loose weight healthy wai I luv ur video every ting UA ae sai iz correct.

  7. Being married to a Nigerian we eat a lot of Nigerian food and I have been looking for a very useful video like this for a long time. thank you very much for uploading it. 😉

  8. please I have question for you, will almond flour bread make me get Tommy fat just like white flour?

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