Fastest Way To Lose Weight

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AS A TEENAGER and Maintain it (Tips from my 30 POUND Weight Loss)

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AS A TEENAGER and Maintain it (Tips from my 30 POUND Weight Loss)

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AS A TEENAGER and Maintain it  (Tips from my 30 POUND Weight Loss)



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  1. Hey beautiful friends,
    What’s your weight loss journey update?

    P.S. my Instagram @Kimberley_longg
    My motivational fitness page: @mydailystudent xx

  2. I just turned 13 , multiple nights I cried myself to sleep after a shower just staring at my body. Im still not happy nor satisfied with myself. It doesn't help when girls around you have these super model body's wearing crop tops ripped jeans. I tried to try on jeans, and I didn't fit them I tried on 5 pairs it's embarrassing trying to try jeans on now, or just shopping because I now shop in the women's section. Please someone help me!!!

  3. even if im in a strict died i still don't lose weight even if i eat less and 1 time a day i still get fatter and fatter no mather what im so tired of this..😔

  4. it's hard to stay motivated when you have deppression, but i'm trying to manage it…I'm super unhappy with my body and i always been since i was 6 years old, i'm tried of looking in the mirror and crying. It's time to make a change.

  5. Alright, I’m doing this, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, I tried doing this before quarantine, and it worked but when quarantine started I stopped so I want to do this now.
    Age: 17
    Weight: 180
    Desired weight: 130/140 by the time I’m 18
    I’ve never exercised much so I want to do that, not just for the weight loss aspect but to be overall healthier
    I need to stop snacking, I snack way too much and the snacks I eat are just so unhealthy
    And I’m not too picky when it comes to food but my current diet isn’t very healthy so I’m gonna try and correct that and eat more balanced foods.
    Again, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I don’t want anything to hold me back this time.

  6. I lost 7 pounds during lockdown cause I was in my room playing games and forgot to eat now I’m just going to loose wait and build muscle

  7. Just gotta say that I love the fact that this is a video about teens.
    I’ve just started high school this year and I feel a bunch of pressures to be skinny and smaller, as I’m sure alot of other girls/guys experience as well. My goal is to live a more healthier life mentally and physically, and soon hopefully to love my body more as I’m tired of feeling this way about myself.
    I’ve watched a few videos but honestly love this one the most since it’s directed towards people my age group. Glad there are people like u who help others lose weight healthy, and encourage loving themselves.
    Lots of love💕

  8. I’m trying to find videos on how to lose weight as a teen without my mom finding out or else she’ll get mad at me and force me to eat more

  9. Just saw this video right now, I am currently 16 and I've struggled to be confident with my body especially with my parents telling me I'm gaining weight. I want to have a better body, one that I'm more confident in, so I'm going to try this.

    NOW:I am currently 160 my height is 5'5
    GOAL: I want to loose 30lbs in 2 weeks or so
    UPDATE: will be 09 – 26 – 21

    What I'm doing/ going to do…

    Currently I walk home from school = 27 min
    When I get home I work out = 30 min
    Starting now I'm going to cut most carbs and sweets

  10. I have a high metabolism, and I’m really skinny. But I realized I’ve been getting belly fat, and I’ve become very insecure about it because your can see my ribs at the top, and then just belly fat at the bottom

  11. For me it's hard to keep weight off because of my financial situation. We aren't that well set for money and when you have 15 dollars for food, the KFC or pizza that costs 5 bucks looks a lot better than the salads or the vegetables that costs more. I've lost about 25 pounds but with covid I put back on a good 10 or so pounds. My mom has always told me that if I just stopped drinking soda then I'd lose weight without changing much else. So I tried it thinking it was stupid. I drank water for the next month and it really did work. I lost like 20 pounds! Currently I'm trying to lose more weight and the no soda rule is coming back for sure.

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