Fastest Way To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight For Triathlon But Still Race Fast

How To Lose Weight For Triathlon But Still Race Fast

How To Lose Weight For Triathlon But Still Race Fast

Finding the perfect weight isn’t easy at the best of times, add in training for and racing triathlons throughout the year how do you find that balance your body needs? Is preseason the ideal time or should you wait until race season? Does it even make a difference? Heather takes a look.

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  1. if it were so simple as consuming less calories than burning, why do we have such a big obesity problem?

  2. Would appreciate a more detailed discussion of what ideal weight looks like, potentially incorporating thoughts from the pros. Also wondering about energy deficit since that can plague many triathletes.

  3. More 'race weight' obsessed videos just because they get clicks…. forgot about weight, eat a balanced healthy diet, lead a non sedentary lifestyle and enjoy what you do….. simple.

  4. For men. Min, 16% body fat before training season. Ironman race day, min 12%. My experience is that a calorie deficit and strength training is difficult during training season

  5. It might be a good idea to actually answer the questions you pose in your titles. As usual it's just a summary of some do's and don'ts but nothing more than that

  6. Would be good to have a perspective from people who have a harder time getting to and maintaining race weight – great that Heather just drops weight off in race season, but what tips are there for people like me who don't, I'm more the opposite, as when racing, I find I am hungrier and want to make sure I have enough fuel?

  7. Been between 81Kg and 83Kg for the past several years (53 years old), no matter what I do I cannot get lower than 81Kg… thanks for the good video.

  8. Curious if its better to focus on getting stronger in the gym on top of swim bike and run? There’s a trade off on putting on weight – strong on the bike but then can bite you on the run for being heavy.

    Anyone care to educate me?

  9. I gained 7 kg during winter. Just started my weight loss plan. Goal of 0.5 kg per week. Should be in race weight in about 3 months

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