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How To Quit Smoking And Lose Weight At The Same Time! (4 Secrets No Ones Knows!)

How To Quit Smoking And Lose Weight At The Same Time! (4 Secrets No Ones Knows!)

How To Quit Smoking And Lose Weight At The Same Time! (4 Secrets No Ones Knows!)

How To Quit Smoking And Lose Weight At The Same Time! (4 Secrets No Ones Knows!)// Are you quitting smoking and your concerned about gaining weight? Are you worried that when you quit smoking you will gain a ton of weight? If your worried you should be, there is a connection between quitting smoking and losing weight. In this video quit smoking expert Ted Bradley goes into the science behind why we gain weight when we quit and what can be done about it. He will explain the science behind quitting smoking and losing weight and he will give you practical tips and tricks for quitting smoking and losing weight. If you’re interested in quitting smoking, quitting smoking hypnosis, stop smoking hypnotherapy or just smoking cessation in general and how it relates to weight loss and smoking then this video is for you

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00:00 – How to Quit Smoking and Lose weight?
1:33 – When I quit smoking will I gain weight?
4:07 – Why do I gain weight when I quit smoking?
7:46 – How do I not gain weight when I quit smoking?
11:28 – Why do I have no will power to quit smoking?

DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is based on my years of experience and research. I am only provided parts of my program to help people evaluate my program and its success. Everything in the videos should be taken as opinion and there are many variables and to get the success rates my clients achieve likely you will have to take my program or a similar program. This is not a quick fix scheme, my program is very involved and has taken decades to refine. Simply put just watching my videos is not a substitute for actually taking my program.

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  1. Interesting video. I was both vaping & smoking and quit. In the past I went back to smoking two ways. First I would have too much to drink, not care and buy a pack. Secondly I would get upset over weight gain and go back to smoking. This time I quit smoking, drinking and weighing myself at the same time and it worked. I have increased my workouts and my clothes are a little looser. Similar to your methods.

  2. 10 Months smoke free but yes i turned into a barrel so thanks for the video now to start weight loss wish me luck.

  3. I quit smoking 3 months ago before i quit i weight 57 kilos. After a month of quitting i gain 5 kilos . I was so worried that i might continuosly gain weight because of not smoking.. but i just hate the idea of smoking again. I feel so good quitting.. so i started doing low carb intermittent fasting.. slowly but surely. Now im 59 kilos.. or sometimes 60 depends when im so full … and its oki at least it helps me not to gain tons of kilos..

  4. I didn’t get how I can lose weight after quitting. I have been able to maintain my weight. My metabolism has slowed down and I’m 20kgs off my goal weight. Any tips? Thanks.

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