Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Innovative Lasers of Houston's fastest way to lose weight

Innovative Lasers of Houston's fastest way to lose weight

Innovative Lasers of Houston's fastest way to lose weight

A red light laser that melts fat away in minutes without the negative effects of surgery or fat freezing methods. The Great Day Houston crew visited Innovative Lasers of Houston to see the newest fat torching technology in action and its before and after

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  1. Model on the Table it's NOT a Candidate for this treatment. Why not show Model with issues and post video before and after /not photos/ so we can believe your Treatments.

  2. initially went in for a consultation with my daughter. We both were interested in getting the treatments. I was completely upfront with telling her that I have a thyroid issue and that my doctor has me on medication and pallets to try to get it under control. Both my daughter and I are size 16 and we wanted to make sure that the treatments would work for us. We were assured that they have had patients our sizes as well as patients with thyroid issues. I was assured they we will still see results. We were told to purchase the liver cleans kit because it will help detox us and make our bodies accept the treatments better. We were told everything we should avoid and the things we should increase. We were told that we will receive a list of what we were told after we paid for treatments.

    The total cost $3130.70 each with the liver cleanse.The young lady went over the treatments with us and had us to sign documents in a packet, that we never were given a copy of. We basically only got copies of the instructions they wanted us to follow. Not once was the cancellation process explained. We then were told that we had to wait 7 days until we complete the liver cleanse to start the treatments.

    Three weeks into the treatments I expressed my displeasure with the lack pf progress I was seeing. I told them that I have seen no results even after goint 3 days a week. My daughter only lost inches in her arms and legs from dieting. These were not the areas that the lasers were targeting.

    Only then was I told by the young lady that was doing our treatment, that there was a 3 day cancellation period from the date that we paid and that we can get a refund. We can delay the treatments but there were no refunds after the initial 3 days. I explained that no one told us that until now and that we were only told to wait 7 days prior to starting treatments. The young lady told me that she will have the representative that enrolled us to call me.

    The next day the representative did call me and restated the 3-day cancellation. I asked her why wasn't thaT TOLD TO US ON THE INITIAL VISIT? SHE SAID IT WAS IN THE PACKET THAT I SIGNED. I explained that we went over some things in the packet but that was not one of them. She told me that we should have read over it. I explained that we did not get a copy of the packet that we signed.

    She stated that all she can offer is if we wanted to stop the treatments for any length of time and they won't expire. I stated that if I have to pay for them anyway. Why would I delay them? The next day was my appointment. I was 2 minutes away from the location because it is an hour's drive from my home and I don't get off work until 6 pm. I called them to tell them the light caught me and my GPS has me 2 minutes away. I was told that I would have to reschedule because there is a 5-minute late period and it is already 7:05. I was pissed because there were no other patients waiting and I had explained to them when they called to confirm that I drive an hour and don't get off work until 6 pm. They scammed my daughter and I know that the treatments are not setup for plus-sized people nor people with thyroid issues.

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