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Insulin resistance impairs fat loss

Insulin resistance impairs fat loss

Insulin resistance impairs fat loss

A new study reports that people with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia are more likely to lose weight in an unhealthy way. The study shows they are more likely to lose more lean mass and less fat mass compared to those without IR. This has potentially profound implications for for helping people understand the importance of healthy weight loss and how to achieve it.

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Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
0:59 Setup of the study
2:46 Main finding of the study
4:48 Insulin resistance and lean mass decrease
5:43 Take home messages

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  1. The problem is doctors don't seem to measure fasting insulin. They measure glucose as a proxy for insulin but could it be that too much insulin is being produced by the body beyond what is necessary to reduce glucose?

  2. I would guess that the rather severe calorie restriction was impairing the correction of insulin sensitivity. I wonder if the data shows that most of the lean tissue loss in that group happened in the first half of the study.

  3. One word: fasting. This makes insulin plummet, and increases HGH. Do this and make sure you do resistance training, even though you aren't feeding the muscle—you're more likely to keep it. When not in a fasting period, get more protein.

  4. Great information on the insuline study.. I know that when myself and my wife cut out sugar everything changed for us… My heart, which was damaged from a heart attack was healed from doing just this. I also was going into type #2 which was stopped in it's tracks. I went from 12 meds down to 1/2 of one medication so as I see it, sugar, wheat, High fructose, packaged foods cause more problems than they are worth. Great video

  5. Imagine we are reaching a point where in some place people have so much food to eat to the point that they tried to find a way to eat more food while getting less nutrients from the food, while in some other place in the world, peoples are still struggling just to get a meal in their daily life. This is just sad.

  6. Well this is a real-life account of OMAD 22/2. As an experienced and truthful time-restricted eater, 2-hour eating window for the past 6 years, I am never ever tempted or desire to eat outside of my 2-hour window (6pm to 8pm). Also 3 or 4 times a year I undertake 3 to 7-day multiday fasts. My longest water fast was 23 days in September 2019. Glad I completed it, but I've learned that those crazy long fasts are not necessary, so never again!

    My lifestyle never waivers even on holidays, Christmas etc. Am I being too anal you ask? ; ) My answer would be: You couldn't even begin to imagine how my food tastes every single evening at 6pm. Without exaggeration, it's Christmas day every single day for me.

    Briefly: Low-Carb (only plant carbs) HIGH animal protein – medium saturated fats (I sauté my veg in duck fat) OMAD 22/2 I say OMAD, but actually around 1 hour after my dinner I eat a small clean dessert. Hope this helps anyone wishing to try something similar.

    Head over and see my day-to-day eating and exercise routines. My delivery is unapologetically direct and blunt. I have no time for excuses and denial. To viewers: after observing my day-to-day I'll happily answer any questions that you may have. As you can see, my ratio of lean to fat mass is very healthy. OH, I'm 62 years old – Leo Low-Carb Lion

  7. Well, actually sarcopaenia/cachexia IS caused by high insulin exactly for the reason you mentioned. It is crazy that doctors in the ICU give high carbohydrates doses/meals to their patients, even sugary foods (if fed perorally). The doctors say the patient need "energy" and thus give them sugar and carbohydrates. Completely stupid…

  8. "moderate"-carbohydrate group: "All meals and snacks were prepared by Sodexo, the food service contractor at Framingham State University…" OH MY GOD!

  9. Thanks for continuing to share the results of scientific research. Getting medical professionals on board (using data-based interventions to show how it works) is helpful for those working with physicians to help them see a new perspective.

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