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Is It Possible To Drop A Dress-Size In 1 Week? | I Tried a 7-minute Workout

Is It Possible To Drop A Dress-Size In 1 Week? | I Tried a 7-minute Workout

Is It Possible To Drop A Dress-Size In 1 Week? | I Tried a 7-minute Workout

Let’s see if it’s really possible to drop a dress size in one week. I tried the 7-Minute Workout from Lucy Wyndham-Read for a week to see if it was really possible. Let us see if it really is. I hope you find it entertaining.

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  1. Thank you for your confidence and openness to your journey. Seeing people close to my body type open and doing workouts helps me build my confidence. So thank you

  2. Girl! You gotta do this challenge again, and plan it better around your menstrual cycle. Everyone puts on weight and feels bloated around the time of their period, so if you weighed in at the same measurements and weight as the week before your period, sounds like you’ve probably lost some inches to me! Measure again and try on that goal dress a few days following your period for the best review. Don’t lose hope – your motivation and determination is inspirational !! Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you’ll see those changes you were hoping for! 🙏💗💪 🤗🤞🍀

  3. I think it’s necessary to change your diet if you want to drop in a week. It’s certainly possible. These work outs paired with my clean eat helped me loose 12lbs. I will say though, it sure is tough to eat clean. I was so addicted to fast food and emotional eating. The working out is the easy part compared to how hard it has been to stay away from processed food. It’s getting better the longer I stick to it. Good luck to you all 💚

  4. I started to see results within a week. Definitely did not drop a dress size, but it did motivate me to continue her work outs and 5 months in I am really so glad I stumbled on her video. I change it up every 3 weeks and I do her 15 to min videos now. I really feel it is more of a motivation to start.

  5. For those wondering, Lucy has been doing about 26 years of fitness training and I lost all my belly fat from her! It works trust me🥺💗

  6. 💙Jesus lived the life we couldn't live and died the death we deserved and rose 3days later, repent of your sins and trust in Him❤️

  7. I love the video and your willingness to put it all out there and give an honest review. I did the beginner 7 minute workout and actually lost 2 inches of the smallest part of my waist in 1 week, and lost about 4 pounds. So it does work for some of us.

  8. Well done to you.. and i dont know lucys workout but have to say its not just about working out or not eating at all. Its about working it out and watching what you eat…how you eat, how much you eat etc

  9. You eat too much.. you said you broke the 16 hundred calories a day. 7 minutes is not enogh exercise for a young person.

  10. It works I’ve done it . But you need to eat healthy as Lucy advises also you need to do the exercises correctly. A lot you aren’t doing correctly.

  11. it's such a bullshit to claim anyone can drop a dress size in just seven days… the workout is good but it will take months, with dieting, not days.

  12. Wow u look amazing! I really saw u lost some weight! But remember your beautiful just the way u are don’t let others get in your mind, and get stressed!

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