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Julie Turnock lost 11st 8lbs with Slimming World online

Julie Turnock lost 11st 8lbs with Slimming World online

Julie Turnock lost 11st 8lbs with Slimming World online

I was going to sleep – and then waking up – worrying about my weight. It was absolutely exhausting and I knew I needed to do something about it.
It had reached the point where there was no part of my life that was unaffected. My confidence was shattered and I hated how I looked. I’d have happily become a total recluse. My body hurt and I struggled to keep up with my two young daughters, Amy and Jessica, so I was missing out on family life.
As an emotional eater, I consoled myself with food. I ate when I was sad or anxious. I’ve experienced quite a lot of trauma through my life, including six miscarriages and sadly losing my son at 23 weeks pregnant. I used food to cope with my difficulties, and I’d eat when I was happy, too. Unsurprisingly, my weight kept going up.
I lived to eat, and my love for food was focused on high-fat ‘treats’ like takeaways, cake, crisps and chocolate. Then I’d feel guilty, which would make me want to eat even more. I’d become stuck in that vicious cycle.
When I reached nearly 23st, the switch finally flicked. In January 2021, I decided to try Slimming World Online – and once I started exploring the website, I realised there was so much more to it than simply recording my weight every week. As well as taking me through Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan in a really easy to understand way, I discovered an online community of slimmers I could instantly relate to. I was encouraged by other members posting their ideas and tips, and helping each other through challenging times. I’d found my own online slimming support network, which was always there.
I also really enjoyed the live events held online – and still do! There’s something to join in with nearly every day, with the opportunity to ask questions, get advice and receive that extra support for any tricky times that might be ahead. Recent events have looked at family-friendly lunches for the school holidays, money-saving meal ideas and brilliant Free breakfasts.
As well as lots of help around menu planning and cooking in a healthier way, Slimming World Online offers support with getting active, and the psychological side of slimming – something especially useful to me as I had such a strong link between food and my emotions.
Once I joined Slimming World Online, I was hooked. I achieved a 10lb weight loss in week one – and I’ve never looked back. I was amazed at the variety of foods on the Free Foods list (so you can eat as much of them as you like), and I quickly realised that I could still enjoy eating well while losing weight. There are more than 1,700 recipes online, and my menu is so much more varied now.
Looking back at the 23st Jules, activity just wasn’t on my radar. It was enough of a challenge to get through each day! As I started to lose weight, though, I felt able to do more and more, and now I’ve worked my way through the Slimming World Body Magic awards! Around six months into my journey, we got two puppies, and at first I found their daily walks really challenging (especially as it’s quite hilly where I live). Now I don’t even get out of breath. The Slimming World website is packed with tools to help you get more active, including a set of workout videos that can be done at home, at your own pace.
In just over a year, I’ve lost 11st 8lbs – more than half my original body weight, and quite incredible when you think that I haven’t once felt hungry or like I was missing out. Now I’m full of energy and no longer in pain. I sleep better and I have so much more confidence. Instead of hiding away at home, I’m enjoying life and all the opportunities that come my way. One real highlight has been taking our girls to Lapland at Christmas. I had so much fun doing everything – husky sledging, snowmobiling, ice carting – and I didn’t think about my weight once. Rewind a year and I’d have been worrying before I even got there about whether the snowsuit would fit. And there’s no way I’d have been physically able to get in and out of a small plastic sledge. It was a magical family memory that just wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t found Slimming World – and I can’t wait to make lots more!

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  1. Thank you Jules for your inspiring story. Because of your honesty, Im joining slimming world online today 👍

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It is really inspiring. I also prefer the online Slimming World. as I am much too busy to go to group, so it was very refreshing to hear that someone else loves it too. Well done on your weight loss, I too feel like you used to feel, your video and SW will help me to change for the better X.

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