Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Kpop Diets Tips to Loose Weight Fast

Kpop Diets Tips to Loose Weight Fast

Kpop Diets Tips to Loose Weight Fast

Hello everybody! This are some kpop idol diet tips Ive found while doing my research and I found these to be quite simple and effective and not as extreme as some of there diets. I hope this video was useful in some way to you. Thanx so much for Watching! XOXO
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  1. These all make sense except for the 1st one just because you eat after 6 pm doesn’t mean it will all turn into fat. A calorie deficit is all you need for fat loss

  2. Hey Jess ! I have a question, what if your parents make dinner after 6pm ? Then what is the best choice ?

  3. I'm tired of being called "Thicker than my older cousin"
    I wanna lose weoght too so I don't have to buy new clotges and I could still use my fav. Leggings.
    I'll try to start tomorrow cuz I'm free.

  4. 1. You are bootiful
    2. I hope this works bc ima try it! And I’ll try to update you guys

    (Yea ik I’m really late -w-)

    Update: it’s currently been 1 month that I’ve been doing this and I have to say it works! I have been exercising along with doing this and another diet for about 3 weeks but for the first week I only did this and I lost 6 pounds that week! So I suggest trying this out if you have the time and is willing to put in the effort!

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