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Hey guys! A lot of you asked on instagram about my weight loss journey after having Alessi and here it is! I talk everything from my body pre-pregnancy to breast feeding struggles to my diet and exercise routine currently in quarantine!

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  1. I'm the exact opposite. Before I became pregnant I ate junk food, overweight, and hardly exercised. Now that I'm pregnant, junk food make me sick, I'm exercising everyday, and I'm actually losing weight and getting fit. Crazy! I feel great BTW

  2. Yes. My little girl can be a rebel at times. I told her to stop eating the ice cream. She laughed at me. Haha! Oh well. What to do with an adult child🙃🙄 This is funny to listen to. She used to make fun of my in-home stationary bike and eliptical. I'd try to explain how limited my time was with kids and other responsibilities. My, how her tune has changed!😉

  3. I’d love to see another video on how you got back in shape after the twins. What your weekly workout and eating habits are!

  4. I was 116lb when I found out I was pregnancy and I got all the way up to 195lb, and now I’m stuck at 170lb and have been for 4 months

  5. Never followed any bachelors tv personalities until you and arie! You guys are so sweet with the cutest babies! Also lauren you look bomb even after having kids! ♥️

  6. I’m currently one month and a few weeks postpartum and I just really don’t like my body right now, I love my baby girl so much but I just feel so blah with my body and I find it so hard to find time to cook with a newborn with my hubby working at work! But this video has really motivated me, to try and eat healthier and to get back into working out ! Thanks for your honesty

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