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Lift Breasts and Reduce Armpit Fat in 7 days! 15 Minutes Massage & Chest Workout, No Equipment

Lift Breasts and Reduce Armpit Fat in 7 days! 15 Minutes Massage & Chest Workout, No Equipment

Lift Breasts and Reduce Armpit Fat in 7 days! 15 Minutes Massage & Chest Workout, No Equipment

I’m introducing techniques in this video to round and firm up shredded sagging breasts by massaging around your armpits. This helps to prevent breast cancer greatly. This is really a magic massage to firm up your breasts into life! I want all women in the world to watch it!

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  1. Awful Also the tiny boobs(not talking about me) didn't changed at all. For how long you've been doing IT because you guys pretty much need a boob job done when you have nothing doing this won't help sizing Up. So ridiculous 🤦🏿‍♀️

  2. Hii Imi… I'm 3rd month pregnant. Can I do these exercises now ? Is there any problem in future breast feeding ?

  3. Hi can u give some detox tips for stubborn fat in armpit ,n also hard core exercise to melt bulge of fat in underarm

  4. I honestly doubted that this would work considering under my arm looked like i had a third breast. I tried it friday night and sunday i noticed that it did shrink. Thank you so much

  5. This is one of my favorite videos by Imi. I have always wanted to reduce the size of my breasts and lift them but none of the exercises I tried over the years work. This has helped reduced the retention I had in my armpit and my breasts look much better after doing this routine repeatedly over the course of 3 weeks! Thank you Imi!

  6. Gracias linda Imi, estás transformando maravillosamente mi cuerpo, aun a los 73 años, me siento joven, enamorada y cuidando este maravilloso cuerpo. Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento, técnicas maravillosas y amorosas. He seguido la rutinas y mi cuerpo se siente agradecido. Desde Colombia, Alicia te envía bendiciones. Gracias

  7. Hi Imi, love your videos just a favor plase, MUSIC IS LITTLE TO HIGH, please would you turn it little lower???? Missed at half of video which movement was on turn😭

  8. I’ve just started the exercises and they feel great. A little painful at frist. Am now waiting for the result. Do you have exercises for sagging upper arms? Vivi❤

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